What photos should you use to promote your business? #businesstips

hA picture is worth a thousand words and, in the world of business, it’s essential that you choose the right images that truly reflect your brand. Bu how do you find the right images?

We are inundated with stock photographs online, so it’s no surprise that business owners get lost in the multitude of websites that offer free and paid-for stock photos. To save you following the endless maze of stock photo libraries, here are some simple tips on how to make your search easier and more effective.

Get to know your audience: The audience’s preferences and needs should always come first. You want to capture their attention, but then draw them into some sort of action. Review your demographic data to ensure that your imagery is contemporary to your audience’s age and income ranges.

Pick relevant images: It is your business and you know what you need in terms of images to reflect that. Photographers just take photos to fit specific templates. The images you use on your site and in your collateral need to relate in some way to your main offerings, whether literally or symbolically. Just because the image you have found is funny or colourful is not a good enough reason to use it.

hStick to vibrant photos: A vibrant and attractive photo will attract more attention than a drab or dated picture. Look for bold colours that match your brand imagery and images that suggest action and excitement. Subconsciously, by choosing the right mix of photos, you are telling the viewer that you care about your brand, a feeling that can promote positive views of your product and services.

Engage, don’t annoy, your customers: Pick photos that will engage your customers and encourage conversation, but don’t choose inappropriate or offensive imagery that can create the wrong kind of buzz.

Say no to clichés: Image building is a crucial aspect in business, so taking the easy path of using the most obvious and clichéd images screams laziness. Put some thought and effort into the selection by taking the path less trodden.

Use hhigh quality, high-res images: You can’t get away with pictures taken at low resolution. The brand image takes an immediate hit.

Keep within the law: Using unlicensed photos carries a high risk, so it is important to only use legally downloaded images.

Request exclusivity: If you have the perfect image that you don’t want the competition to get its hands on, some sites have flexible purchase schemes whereby you can either buy the rights over the image for a specific period of time or for life.

Be patient: Try not to hurry the image selection process. With the endless catalogue of images, it can take time for you to stumble on the best picture, even with the sophisticated search options that sites like Dreamstime provide. Take your time: it will be worth it.

For more information on Dreamstime, visit www.dreamstime.com.

  Serban Enache - croppedSerban Enache is the CEO and co-owner of Dreamstime.com, LLC.

With over 10 years of experience in design and new media, Serban has proven to be a skilled executive, successfully blending creative and executive abilities. He co-founded Archiweb in 1998, an award-winning leader among web design companies in SE Europe, and envisioned the later-to-be stock agency in early 2000. As the Creative Director of Archiweb he has helped a multitude of companies to establish or improve their online presence; among them, Xerox, Unilever and Despec.

Serban handles the business development strategy for Dreamstime, and is deeply involved in the everyday operations of the website community. He is a skilled visionary that believes in disrupting the business norms to explore new options.

Serban graduated from the Romanian University of Architecture and Urban Planning.  He lives in Bucharest, Romania, with his wife and two daughters.

This post is in association with Dreamstime

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