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sh_reportMy name is Sally Huggett and I am 40. I am married to Andy and we have Daniel, 7, and Matthew, 5 and a dog.


Before I came up with this business idea I ran a special needs publication. Unfortunately the sponsorship for printing costs was pulled and we had to close this business venture in this current economic climate. Making the transition has been a great and exciting challenge. I have carried through a lot of my marketing strategies from one venture to another.


I launched Lone Coyote TV, an Internet TV Community Channel for Sussex and the South East, in August 2014. I did a lot of organizing behind the scenes first and booked several shoots so that the website soon became quite populated in order to boost the number of website hits.


My favourite thing about running my own business is that I can work it around the children and in the evenings, and I meet lots of new and exciting people and I am the one in control. I don’t have to answer to anybody.


The thing I least enjoy is the worry about whether the contracts are going to keep coming in. We need to make a living after all!


lone coyoteWhat has worked well is that Internet On Demand TV is growing rapidly and this is going in our favour. Less and less people are watching scheduled TV and moving over to Internet to view when they want to. This and using all social media has worked well for us.


My biggest business mistake was agreeing to do a lot of shoots for free for a local marketing outlet. This received no thanks and was of nil benefit to us and we have learned from this never to do that again. We don’t need their help to get our name known and we have wasted valuable editing time when we could have been doing paid commercial work.


I fit in work with the family really well. If we have weekend or evening shoots we have a very supportive family who look after the boys. I do most of the visiting clients and social media and telephone calls whilst the boys are in school and during the evenings after they have gone to bed. It works really well.


I don’t think I would give up this business to do something else as I love it. Unless it does not become a success, then obviously I will have to – but I am determined to make it a success. We are so diverse. We have a music channel, a children’s channel, a travel channel, a fitness channel, a paranormal channel and an events channel. And we do commercial advertorials and we shoot weddings. It is a lot going on.


The exit strategy I have is that if it doesn’t work, the only thing we have invested is time and the camera equipment. The camera equipment we could sell quite easily on eBay and then we could just walk away. Nothing ventured nothing gained.


In five years’ time I hope to be employing other people to do some of the marketing and booking for me, to have employed other camera operators and to have a full team with regular bookings coming in and a burgeoning website full of content.


Our website is


 We would offer a 25% discount to any Family Friendly Working readers, to do a commercial shoot for their business to put out to all our followers in Sussex and the South East. Or indeed 25% discount on any other products ie wedding videos.




The link to any photos or logos would be as above.


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