Review: Lego Movie

We love Lego, and the kids really enjoyed the Lego Movie. it was great to get sent our own copy of the DVD. We were sent the DVD to review free of charge by the people at

The movie is all about Emmett, an ordinary, albeit very happy, Lego minifigure. he doesn’t realise he is ‘The Special’, and he is the only one who has the power to get the piece of resistance.

Emmett and the other master builders have to go on a mission to combat Lord Business and get the piece of resistance. Their aim is to put the piece of resistance on the Kragle.

On the way Emmett forms alliances with all sorts of Lego mini figures, the random characters very much reflecting the way kids take Lego pieces from all sorts of sets to make a game.

So, what did we think?

J, age 8 says, “I liked all of it, and how funny it was.”

D age 12,  still isn’t too old to admit to loving the Kitty and Unicorn land. She enjoyed the humour, and also says she enjoyed the end where …

  • S
  • P
  • O
  • I
  • L
  • E
  • R

“… where it’s one massive Lego world with the dad and the son, and the dad wants to glue everything down!” I also asked the kids if there was anything that they didn’t like … and there was nothing! It’s a great family movie, but very full on. Well worth watching more than once to see everything that’s happening.

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