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Jill Gardner 2 I am a single parent of two teens. I have run my own health and wellness business for around 5 years now.

Despite working in the wellness industry I still have to work hard to fit my own fitness and health in. My regime now is a far cry from where I was 5 years ago when I was overtraining and under resting and regularly burning out.

After going through a divorce, losing my dad and my home all in the space of a year I found myself running on empty. My health took a slide as I struggled to sleep and generally juggle all the balls I had in the air. I still tried to train but ultimately I made things worse.

After running a two week fitness retreat in France this Summer where I struggled to function, I decided to retire from teaching. Since then I have been concentrating on my own training and recovery for health. The different has been amazing. I haver fallen back in love with fitness and am slowly getting my mojo back.

Jill Gardner 1I have to prioritise my training sessions but make them very short and efficient. I never spend more than 30 mins in the gym at a time. If I sleep badly then I replace a gym session with yoga or a walk. I no longer feel I HAVE to make every scheduled session.

Nutrition became my focus as I recovered. I always make sure I cook in batches and shop 2-3 times a week to top up on fresh vegetables and salads etc. Again, I make sure there is never any guilt when I choose to eat out for example. Instead I have found a way to balance my choices in a sustainable and enjoyable way. I simply avoid all #beigedeadfood for 95% of the time and focus all my meals on quality vegetables, salads and lean proteins.

Instead of teaching 15-20 classes a week along side personal training I now weight train for three sessions of 30 mins a week in the gym. I teach 1 spinning class a week to maintain my cardio. I practice yoga and stretching most days for a min. of 10 mins. Sleep has become a priority for me now instead of the punishing early morning gym sessions before the kids got out of bed. I try to walk as much as I can and if I find myself sitting working form home all day I will factor in some short bursts of activity through the day. Add to that some deep mediative breathing. My goal this year is to get better at and more regular with mediation.

For me now it’s about finding a routine that is manageable with all my other commitments and one that isn’t detrimental to my health. I have learnt that I am not the perfect superwoman I thought I had to be and present myself as. So now I can develop my coaching and on-line programs to help other women do the same. To find a happy balance that promotes inner confidence, radiance and happiness.

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller

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