How to Write Your Very Own Bestselling Book – 9 Top Tips from @DeeBlick #biztips

Dee BlickWith the power of self publishing at our fingertips it has never been easier to write and publish a book. But selling thousands of books is not easy. But it can be done! It comes down to a heady mix of investing your time and energy in crafting a fantastic book and then marketing it with gusto long before the ink has dried on your final page.

Here are some tried and tested tips based on my own experience of writing three Amazon number one bestsellers and securing a publishing deal in China.

  1. Start with your big idea. The central premise of your book. Scope it out and don’t worry if it’s been covered before. You have a unique author’s voice.
  2.  Devote a few months to planning the content that will give your book real reader appeal. You probably have much of it already in your mind waiting to be mined. Do you have blogs, articles and case studies that will add further credence to your book? Gather your content in one big ideas book.
  3. Allocate your content to chapters so that you can root out and improve on the weak ones. Some chapters will be packed with content but, you have to ensure that every single one is written to the same high standard. Many of my readers take the time to write to me sharing their favourite chapter. I am always relieved I have gone through this process beforehand!
  4. Identify your readers. Who is going to buy your book and why? Make a list of each different group. This is going to come in handy when you start marketing to these groups later on.
  5. Use a professional editor to add the final polish to your prose. They will find the inconsistencies, grammatical imperfections and spelling mistakes that you will never see no matter how many times you look at your manuscript. The last thing you want is your readers to assume the role of editor.
  6. Use the services of a designer to create an irresistible book cover that sells your book. For example your front cover should include your title; any supporting strap line; a powerful testimonial; a few lines or words that explain how the reader will benefit from buying your book. The back cover should have some interesting information about you as an expert on the subject matter you are covering, a summary of the most appealing benefits that your book delivers and some more testimonials – all bound up in an attractive design that will look good online as well as on a bookshelf. If you’re keen on having a title that means a lot to you but that will mean nothing to potential readers please add a strap line that explains what your book is all about – in essence your big idea. When a potential reader is browsing online they will not delve any further if your title means absolutely nothing to them.
  7. Price your book accurately. I have seen non-fiction books on Amazon that have amounted to 100 pages and yet the author is charging £15. Look at the prices of similar books on Amazon to get a feel for what you should be charging.
  8. Start marketing your book from the moment you make the decision to start writing it. For example, you can tweet your progress and entertain your friends on Facebook with your writing progress. You can research the blogs, magazines, newspapers and journals that are read by your target audience and start building your media list so that when your book is in your hands, you can contact each one for reviews and send your press releases. You can also book public speaking engagements, set a date for your book launch and ask your networking buddies to spread the word. Allocate time for marketing your book on a weekly basis. Do something positive every day to raise awareness of you and your book!
  9. Be in it for the long haul when it comes to marketing. You should be the tortoise, not the hare so commit to marketing your book for at least 12 months after it has been published.

About Dee Blick

Dee is a genuine number one Amazon bestselling author (Powerful Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book, The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses For Your Small Business) In her latest brand-new book: The Ultimate Guide to Writing and Marketing a Bestselling Book – on a Shoestring Budget she shares how she has achieved this ongoing bestselling status and how you can too – step-by-step with no jargon, fluff or filler! If there’s a book in you, this is the book for you!

Start your bestselling journey now! Dee will send you the first chapter of her new book plus an overview of the contents if you email her or tweet her @deeblick

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