Are you sure about your flexible working rights?

Flexible working is vital for parents, and for anyone else with caring commitments. UK working laws changed on 30th June 2014, giving all UK employees* the legal right to request flexible working. According to a report from the Office of National Statistics, the number of people regularly working from home in the UK currently stands at 4.2 million (13.9% of the country’s workforce). Read the infographic, below, to find out your rights, and what small and medium business owners feel the impact will be. Print                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Stats Suggest Benefits of Flexible Working but SMBs Are Wary The Department of Business Innovation and Skills estimates that in its first 10 years, the change in flexible working opportunities will bring overall economic benefits of £475million through improved business efficiency and employee satisfaction. However, of the SMBs polled that don’t offer flexible working options at present, only one in twenty (5%) believe that the new legislation will have a positive impact on their business, while one in five (21%) believed it would in fact have a negative impact. Increased productivity is cited by the Government as a key outcome of the legislation, yet only 16% of those small and medium businesses that don’t offer flexible working believed this would be a benefit from the change.   Millennial Generation Most Favourable to the Flexible Work Movement When announcing the legislation changes, the Government stated they would help to remove ‘cultural assumptions’ and make workplaces fit for the 21st Century, but the data revealed a clear divide in attitude between those whose working life has been spent in the 21st Century and those whose has predominantly been in the 20th Century. SMB leaders aged 25-34 were more than twice as likely to be in favour of flexible working as their older counterparts aged 55+ (68% vs. 32% respectively), and three times as likely to see it having a positive impact on their business (21% vs. 7%).   Mobile Workspace Technologies Critical to Helping Flexible Work Overcome Existing Perception Problem Despite 4.2 million people now regularly working from home, it appears many small business managers retain the view that ‘those working from home are not working as hard’. Almost a quarter of those polled (23%) named ‘trust’ as a barrier to adoption of a more flexible approach while ‘culture change’ was cited as the second most common barrier cited (16%). However, rapid advances in technology and it’s ever increasing affordability mean that just over one in ten (11%) view this as a potential barrier. “Thanks to modern technology, putting efficient flexible working processes in place can be done both quickly and easily,” said Andrew Millard, Senior Director International Marketing, Citrix. “Whilst trust clearly remains a major issue, mobile workspace technology, which includes video conferencing, secure file sharing and real-time collaboration software, helps businesses overcome this by allowing employees to work together regardless of where they are. Work is something you do, not somewhere you go. As our own customers show us every day, those who are most flexible are increasingly the most successful.”   Related Links

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