How to Make Bingo Cards From Family Photos

We’ve all been there, it’s a rainy afternoon and we’re in desperate need of something fun and cheap for our kids to do. We are thinking a way to bring bingo fun that you can experience in BarbadosBingo into the family and spend the day with joy and excitement. That’s why we’ve came up with the cost-effective option of making your own bingo cards out of any old family photos you have around. In case you are also interested in a real money bet, I have a top list of bingo websites here that you will definitely love.

First up you need to dig out any old family photos that you won’t mind cutting up. Once you’ve got your photos you then have to either cut out the faces of the family members you want to put on your cards or the full bodies depending on the size of the photo you’re using.

After you’ve got your photos ready you then need a piece of paper and card, glue the paper onto the card and then draw ‘BINGO’ on your card and several squares in a grid using a permanent marker. Normal bingo cards use 25 spaces with 5×5 cards but you can alter this to cater to your own tastes or size of your family.

After you’ve made your grid you can start sticking in your photos in each square, make sure to place one photo per square as this will count as a ‘number’ on the card.  Also make sure that when you’re placing your photos that you leave the centre square completely empty as it’s the ‘Free Space’ on the card.

The design part of the cards is always the most fun as you and your children can decorate and customise your cards if you want, you could even make a game out of who can make the best looking one.

You should also pick out what you’re going to ‘daub’ your cards with, ideally you should use something like buttons or plastic circles as you’ll probably want to use these cards again and it can be a pain to constantly remake cards.

After you’ve made your cards you can then dig out either a family photo album or any old home movies you have. Then whilst you’re watching these old films about your family you can start daubing off your squares whenever a family member on your card appears.

If you’re unfamiliar with bingo or you want something more exciting than family friendly bingo games then you could try looking on to learn more about the genre and the types of real money options that are out there for you to try.

So the next time you’re looking for a fun family activity to come up with on a rainy day or just any afternoon you have free then why not get your kids to make their own bingo cards because they’re guaranteed to love this iconic game.

This post is contributed by Max Cooper

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