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hillarys christmas crafts 1 I couldn’t make it to the craft workshop with Joe Blogs Network and Hillary’s Blinds due to a death in the family. I was really sorry to miss tea and cakes at Taj’s Tea Rooms in Brighton, and the chance to meet lots of local bloggers.

I didn’t miss everything, though, as the lovely folk at Joe Blogs sent me all the goodies I’ve have got on the day. (No cake but I did get chocolate!)

Shillarys christmas crafts 2o, last Saturday we had a home craft afternoon. The boys had a couple of Christmas craft kits, and D and I had fun with the bunting and the bauble. The crafts are designed by Make Do and Trend, who had some some of the hard work in cutting out the fabric to the right size, packaging up glue, cord, pins and everything else we needed.

The no-sew bunting was super easy and I put that one together while D, 12, who is the creative member of the family pinned and folded fabric onto a foam ball to make the bauble.

The fabrics were cute and went really well with a wooden heart that I had hanging up already. They’re too nice to keep just for Christmas!

Find out more about what the bloggers got up to with Hillary’s.

hillarys christmas crafts 3

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