10 ways to spark your creativity this New Year: by Claire Culley of the W review

zalondo_style_9A new year is upon us and as we reflect back on the year just gone we find ourselves greeted with new years resolutions and a whole new set of goals for 2015. The problem with setting these goals however is just how you are going to achieve them. Especially as we find ourselves being struck with the January blues, tight purse strings after Christmas and cold dreary winter weather.

With that in mind here are my top 10 tips for staying productive this Winter…

  1. Brainstorm. I’m a big fan of writing lists. Sometimes I even write lists about other lists I need to write. As great as this is as it keeps your tasks and goals fresh in your mind. It can sometimes be distracting and never-ending. In the new year I like to get a big piece of A3 paper and a permanent marker and do an old-school brainstorm. Start off with ‘2015’ in the middle and branch out into your different goals. You can then write down ideas surrounding each of the goals. Stick it up on your office wall so you can always be reminded of your ideas and just how you are going to do them.
  2. Keep Warm. A bit of an obvious one this but always try and keep warm whilst you work. Being cold makes your body work twice as hard which in turn affects concentration levels. A nice warm room will feel cosy and keep you feeling relaxed and focused. Be careful not to turn that thermostat too high though – you don’t want to go the opposite way and fall asleep!
  3.  Declutter. Forget the spring clean – you need to do a new year clean! Redecorate your office, move the furniture around or rearrange your desk. A little mix up will help you feel inspired and motivated to work well within your space.
  4. Take regular breaks. Sometimes in the New Year it’s possible to take too much on in order to achieve your new goals. With that in mind it’s also important to take a bit of me time. Yes, you are starting a new year with a new perspective but remember just how tired and drained you were at the end of the year? You don’t want that happening again so instead take the time to have regular tea breaks and always make sure you have a lunch break. It’s important to have some time away from a computer screen in the middle of the day.
  5. This leads onto eating. We’ve all done it. We’ve all said we are going to lose our Christmas weight and detox our bodies. My advice? Ditch the diets in January! You have already set yourself other resolutions so stop trying to do too many things at once and focus on the goals that are most important to you instead. The diet, quite frankly, can wait.
  6. Surround yourself with others. It’s very easy to hide yourself away for January – especially if you work from home. Make the effort to meet up with friends or join a co-working space and go one day a week. A little bit of company goes a long way!
  7. Go outside. Make sure you brave the elements and go for a walk! A walk can do a wonder of good for your energy levels, clearing your mind and refocusing.
  8. Plan for the future. If you have the chance why not plan a cheap trip away for March or April? Sometimes having something to look forward to keeps you driven and keeps you on track.
  9. Sleep! The nights are drawing in quicker than ever so make the most of them and get into bed early! A good nights sleep leaves you refreshed the next day. Your body and your brain will thank you!
  10. Be realistic. It’s important that you always remain realistic with any news years resolutions or goals. Don’t set yourself unachievable targets – make sure they are obtainable before you start otherwise you are setting yourself up for a fail before you’ve even begun.

black text logoClaire Culley is the founder and editor of The W Review – a positive honest community for women. The W Review posts articles about careers, parenting, relationships, body image and more.



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