Review: My Life Pack #getorganised2021

my life pack Was 2020 an outstanding year for you, or was it lined with disasters? If you’re hoping for a fresh start in 2021, but are slightly scarred by experiences of the past year, have a look at My Life Pack. It is a single ring bound book, designed to be a repository for all your personal information.

A one-stop reference manual , this looks like it could help busy families stay on top of all the admin, but equally it would work well for an older person who wants to make it easy for others to help should they fall ill. The pack covers ten categories:

  • Personal Data
  • Household Information
  • Address Book
  • Finances – Savings & Expenses
  • Children & Dependants
  • Vehicles
  • Pets
  • Digital Footprint
  • Employment & Self-employment
  • Will & Funeral Planning

An enormous amount of thought has gone into this pack, and it will take you some time to fill out. Perhaps set yourself a goal of setting down everything you need in a section each week. It may make you think about issues that you have yet to address, such as your own will and funeral pre-arrangement plans. So, this isn’t a very light hearted recommendation for the start of 2021, but it is definitely for you if you feel that your life has been a bit out of control and you are looking for a way to organise it again.

My Life Pack retails for £44.95 and is available from

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