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Family Friendly Working is packed with articles on all sorts of topics, whether you want to run your own business, join a party plan or direct sales business, or buy a franchise. In this article, I round up five articles to take you from the research stage to owning your own franchise.  Click each link to find out more

  1. Find out about franchising: an introductory article with all the basics about franchising
  2. Research to help you choose a franchise: learn about market research
  3. What you need to succeed in franchising: the key facts that will help you make a go of a franchise
  4. Financing a franchise: making your it all adds up
  5. Details of buying a franchise: check the small print

Antonia Chitty 2011 Green 200x300If you’re serious about buying a franchise or running any other typs of business, Antonia Chitty has lots more advice for you:

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