5 tips for marketing in the parenting industry from Alec Dobbie of Your Baby Club

Alec Dobbie and FamilyIf you run a business that is aimed at parents, here are five tips from Alec Dobbie of Your baby Club to help you reach your target audience.

  1. Aim to help parents – Being a parent is hard as parents they have a lot to balance: Work, household, finances, kids, their list is usually endless. Show them how you’re saving them money, making life easier, or providing the enrichment opportunity their kid needs. Let parents know you’re not just a company, you’re a partner in their crazy journey
  2. Know that Mum is the decision maker
  3. BUT don’t exclude Dad!
  4. Know the demographic you’re speaking to: Which generation of parents are you targeting? The needs and concerns of parents change as their child grows up.
  5. Be as honest, fair and clear as possible, you are dealing with the most important people in the world. Families!
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