Reasons to embrace direct selling in 2015

Paula Gorry portraitWe may be a month into 2015 but there is still time to embrace a meaningful resolution for 2015.  Stepping outside your comfort zone is a core feature of the classic resolution list, so if exercising more and adopting a healthier eating plan have already fallen by the wayside there are other viable challenges to embrace!

Paula Gorry, UK Business Development Manager, Stampin’ Up! UK – a leading craft company which operates via a network of direct sellers – discusses why direct selling is the thing for you in 2015.

New earning opportunities  

Direct selling offers new and exciting ways to support your household income, Indeed it is the UK’s largest provider of part-time independent earning opportunities, with sales in excess of £2 billion each year, according to the Direct Selling Association.[1] People are also going one step further turning to direct selling as a real alternative to full-time employment. In 2014 there were 68,000 direct sellers (17%) working full time hours (over 30 hours a week), up 20,000 from 12% in 2011.[2]

Products you can connect with

As the industry has grown, so too has the range of products available to the modern direct seller. The direct selling industry now encompasses a range of products including cosmetics, cleaning products, nutritional products, homewares and paper craft supplies to name a few. The breadth of choice means the contemporary direct seller will inevitably find a product they can connect with.

It’s sociable

Social interaction is a core value of direct selling with sales typically conducted face to face. Greeting parents on the school run is a great example of building your customer base. Meanwhile a direct selling party is a fantastic way to reinforce existing friendships and lead to new ones.

It’s flexible

Faced with soaring childcare costs, it is easy to understand why many parents feel they are being priced out of returning to work. However, direct selling is viable option that enables parents to balance work with family obligations.By selling goods outside a fixed retail environment, direct selling offers complete flexibility for the seller. In essence, direct sellers are able to expand their business as much or as little as they want, helping them to balance their work with other commitments such as family life. However it also follows that what you get out of it depends on how much you put in. Many direct sellers find that a business plan, with key goals and milestones is an effective way of staying on track.

It’s an evolving industry

Direct-selling has certainly come a long way since the door-to-door sales approach synonymous with the Avon lady of post-war Britain. By no means a redundant technique, it has now been incorporated into a wider mix of activity. For the tech savvy direct seller online platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook will help you to share your product to a wider audience anytime, anywhere and video formats such as YouTube enable you to build your profile and interact with your audience. Many members of the direct selling community also actively engage in popular business or mumpreneur forums with advice or tips, so for those that aren’t necessarily confident with technology there is a huge support network at hand.

There has never been a better time to embrace direct selling as a new and alternative resolution, so channel your inner business guru and let 2015 be the year that sets you on your path to direct selling success!

[1] Start Ups, ‘Direct selling parties growing at rate of 150% since 2009’,, 4th November 2014

[2] Fresh Business Thinking, ‘Direct Selling goes mainstream’,, 12th August 2014

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