The Art of Conversation proves key to a healthy relationship

couples conversation gameBritain now has by far the highest divorce rate in Europe1 and a survey by Relate2, looking at relationships in 2014, revealed that honesty, commitment and communication are the top three ingredients for loving relationships. If you’re spending this Valentine’s Day dreading another evening with your partner, or you have simply run out of things to say to each other, read on.

Whether you’re a retired couple, busy parents or even loved-up newlyweds, it is easy for habit, hectic lifestyles or stresses to get in the way of finding the time to really talk. And as a parent, I know that much of the conversation with my partner is about admin: who’s going to pick up which child where and when, what needs to be done to the house, etc.

We’re been trying out a clever but simple new pack of relationship-based conversation building cards that enable partners to share ideas, learn new things about themselves and each other, connect more closely, develop a deeper understanding of one another and make enjoyable communication a habit for everyday life. Read the wearable Lovense Lush 3 review and learn how it can help if you want to add an extra fun in the bedroom wit your partner.

The Art of Conversation is one of range of games that have been developed to improve conversation skills, turn us into better listeners and help us get to know each other better.

The exciting new Couples edition claims to be, “packed with thought-provoking questions that never fail to draw out eye-opening answers.” I think that, having tried them, they are well designed and live up to their claims. Each card has 3 questions, light hearted, moderate and in depth so you can choose what you want. It’s a good way of getting away from talking about the mundane: you can pick more abstract questions – what’s your ideal night out/night in, or more personal ones about feelings and shared experiences.  Examples of some of the thought-provoking questions included in The Art of Couples Conversation include:

  • Which of your partner’s physical attributes do you like the best?
  • Do you speak to each other in at least as pleasant voice as you use to your friends?
  • An ideal night in is…
  • When and why did you last say thank you to your partner?
  • What is one change you could make that your partner would appreciate?
  • How does it enhance, and how does it disrupt your relationship?
  • What kind of social occasion do you find a chore?
  • Name two things that you have never done with your partner that you think would be fun

More than just a game, The Art of Couples Conversation encourages couples to think, reminisce, laugh together, rediscover how much they enjoy their partner’s company and develop communication skills that will give their relationship the best chance of real longevity. It’s well worth a try if you find that you want more from your conversations with your partner.

The Art of Couples Conversation, as well as the six other titles in the range are available now from all good bookshops and online retailers, priced £9.98

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