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Angel with children 1Your Name and Age:

Angel Priest, I’m 33 years old.

Tell us about your family:

I’m a single mum to four beautiful children. My eldest is Aimee who’s 12 years old, I have twin boys, Damon and Dylan who are 9 years old and my youngest girl, Amber who is 6 years old.

What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?

I used to work as a shop floor supervisor. Although I enjoyed my job, I did find it hard to juggle my time with my family. I had complications with half terms and the summer holidays with finding affordable childcare. I remember it being a nightmare to organise! I would miss out a lot of time with my children. It was all work and no play.

This was when I decided to start my own business with Avon Cosmetics. The transition was easy with no complications. It all fell into place perfectly.

When did you launch?

I started my Avon business in February 2014.

How did you get started?

I contacted a Sales Leader on Facebook for information. She is a lovely and very supportive lady! She came round a few times to get me started and to give me support where I needed it. Even now she is still there supporting me and sometimes we work together to build our businesses.

What’s your favourite thing about running your own business

I enjoy my Avon business, the people that you meet and making new friends. Avon is one big family, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

The best thing is that it gives me more time with my family, no more child minders! I don’t miss out on school plays or any other activities with my children. I choose not to work at the weekends, so that’s my time making new memories with my family.

What’s the thing you least enjoy about running your own business

There isn’t anything I can think of that I don’t enjoy about my Avon business. It fits in perfectly with my family life, sales leadership has achievable, simple steps to reach the next levels of my business.

My personal Avon order has increased, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing, I can’t seem to resist the products. Especially the new products that are just being launched.

What has worked well about your business?

Apart from that it fits around my family life, building my own team has given me the opportunity to become financially independent. Which has given me more confidence to achieve my goals.

What’s been your biggest business mistake?  How did you deal with it?

I think my biggest mistake was not starting sooner than I did.

The last time I struggled was after school summer holidays, my motivation was a little lost to get up and go again, as I got so used to being at home most of the time. I got it back by spending a few hours with my Sales Leader and did some planning on what I needed to do to reach my goals.

How do you fit in work with the family? Is your partner supportive of your business?

I plan my working hours outside home from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. During half terms and school holidays I work from home and my children enjoy helping me with my representative work.

Are you working towards a financial goal for your business?

I do have a goal. My goal in life is to own my own house. I need a such a large deposit for a mortgage and a good income to get a big enough house for me and my four children. My Avon business has the answer to affording my dream house. I’m working and building my team so I can achieve the life style and high standard that I believe my children and I deserve.

Would you ever give up your business to do something else?


Do you have an exit strategy?


Have you had your ‘I’ve made it’ moment?  Tell us about it.  If not when do you think it will come

I’ve had several of these moments. The first one was when I became a qualified Sales leader, I was one more step up the ladder to achieve my goal. Every time I go up another level and achieved extra bonus, it’s always recognised, which gives me that ‘I’ve made it moment’. I gave myself an end of year target to get too. I wanted to reach Senior Co-ordinator level by last Christmas, I’m so proud to say that I made it! I’m there! I have set myself another target again for this year, which I’m working towards to now.

Where do you hope to be in five years’ time?

In five years’ time I’m not hoping, I’m going to be house hunting, if not already moved into my dream home. I love and enjoy building and supporting my team. I just want to continue what I’m doing and the rewards from my work will follow suit.

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