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BedtimeLog into our live and interactive WebTV show where sleep expert Kathleen McGrath and former athlete Roger Black MBE discuss the importance of a good night’s kip and give top tips on finally getting a good night’s sleep 

Tiredness can make us irritable and grumpy, reduce productivity levels, increase our anxiety levels, lead to weight increase as we eat to counter a lack of energy as well as weakening our immune system as our sleepless nights build up.

So for those of us failing to get the recommended eight hours a night – our work, mood and relationships can all start to suffer.  Yet as a nation, are we undervaluing the importance of good quality sleep?

The effects of sleep deprivation cannot be ignored.  A whole host of things can contribute to us becoming a shattered nation from our home and work life to the general busyness of our 24/7 society. For more information on how to combat sleep deprivation and disorders, head over to articles published by a website dedicated to helping people get the best sleep and production during working hours here:

At the end of a working day, do you struggle to switch off from the pressures of daily life?  Log into our live and interactive WebTV show, where Kathleen McGrath will tell you about simple things you can do to improve your night’s sleep.


Kathleen McGrath a sleep expert and Roger Black MBE joins us live online at  on Thursday 26th February at 2pm

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