What is experiential marketing, and how can it help you make sales? #businesstips

Cadburys_Carousel_1Imagine that you have made a new recipe, and your friend has come to visit and you’re trying to describe what you’re created …but you aren’t allowed to let her taste it. Or imagine if you want to show your product to someone … but they have their eyes shut. And perhaps your product is beautiful, and feels great to the touch, but they aren’t allowed to touch it either?

Our senses are so important when it comes to making any decision. We use sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell to evaluate millions of ideas each day. Which perfume shall I buy …?  I need to inhale the scent of several before I can make a decision. What shall I have for lunch? There is a delicious aroma emanating from the bakery: decision made. What shall I wear? The sunlight catches a jewel-bright top. Decision made.

So, if you own a business and you are trying to sell products you need to make the most of this. If you have an online business, you need to think how you can get the actual product experience into people’s hands. Can you offer a download, or send samples? Consider taking part in events. And think about experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing gives people the chance to really engage with your brand. Have you seen the Joyville Chocolate tour in your town recently, handing out chocolate? Or have you been there when the Coca Cola lorry has visited at Christmas. Both these events give people the chance to taste a product, but they do much more too. People get excited, they are asked to take part, and can sometimes contribute to the evolution of the brand.

It is a real shift when people understand that they can be actively involved in a business or product. There are lots of experiential marketing ideas and examples here. It is about making a long term connection with someone, so this is very relevant to small businesses as well as the large scale ones I mentioned above.

Think about how you can get your business out to where your customers are. What are the sensory high points for your product. Do people need to see it, feel it, try it out in order to become more engaged with it? And what events could allow you to give more people that opportunity. Make sure that your marketing is a two way process, one that inspires and excites you and your customer, and really appeals to them.

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