The W Review launches Kickstarter on International Women’s Day

black text logoclaireculley_portraitThe W Review is a positive, honest community for women that was founded in November 2014.

It’s not just a site for talking about boys, girls and tinder (although we’re definitely talking about that a bit too) but we’re also talking about being a woman in business, being a new Mum, being a working Mum, body image, the media, mental health, wellbeing – and the list goes on.

The campaign launched on International Women’s Day , a day to celebrate and empower women. A day to focus on how far we’ve come and look forward to what we’ve yet to achieve.

Claire Culley, founder of The W Review said “Every woman is different. That’s a fact. Plus every woman can feel different – every day. Whether she’s going through something new or trying to make a change – be it in her career or day to day life, every day has its’ ups and downs which is why we wanted to create a space for women to get answers, get advice & feel supported any time they needed it.”

“The main focus of The W Review is to create a community that supports women – including those that write for us”. One of the main focuses for the Kickstarter campaign is the opportunity to be able to support our writers too.

Encouraging female journalists and writers is extremely important to us, and though our regular contributors to date have generously volunteered their time and talent; it doesn’t sit too well with us.

Through the help of the Kickstarter campaign we are looking to champion fairer wages and pay regular contributors 75GBP per article. That’s way above what some publications charge, but we want to invest in writers, not abuse their skills, and we love the idea of being able to provide a real platform for new talent.

We are also looking to develop our politics, LGBQT & Teen sections as well as implementing a jobs board offering brilliant jobs for brilliant women.

Using a crowdfunding platform and through social media we hope to reach out to thousands of women across the UK and Worldwide. If 10,000 women all donate the £2 they would have spent on coffee or a sandwich that day we will have reached our target and will be able to continue supporting more and more women around the globe.

To watch the Kickstarter please click here

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