New Crowdfunded Book, MISFIT TO MAVEN, the story of Argh to Ahhh!

 Ebonie 1“Before I was seven years old I had lived in a house truck, on a commune, in France, in New Zealand, in Ireland, and several homes in England. I had been bathed in a sink, had a pet goose called Lucy, and I think it would be fair to say that my parents gifted me with a curiosity for the world.”

Ebonie Allard writes about her new book…

My first career was as a freelance TV & Film Production Buyer. I worked hard and played harder. I suffered from burn out at the end of every job. I would take myself off to somewhere hot and exotic and immerse myself in raw food and yoga. My life was a roller coaster of working til I collapsed, and then ‘retreating’ around the world. I wanted something more.

In July 2009, in the midst of the impending recession, debt, homelessness and knowing nothing about business, I set up My Girl Friday Ltd, providing freelance Personal and Virtual Assistance to businesses and individuals in the UK and across the globe. By 2011 externally everything looked like it was going well – money, award nominations and exciting opportunities coming in from all angles – and yet I was miserable.

Ebonia AllardOne day I realised I was contemplating suicide. Not for the drama, but as a choice, an option. No yoga, diet, CBT, retreat, or advice was going to pull me up from the floor this time. With a little help I jumped on a plane to Bali and made it my mission to learn from all the crazy adventures I had been on, all the books I had read, the people I had met, all the businesses I had worked with. I raked through all the retreats and workshops, therapy and courses; all the journals I had kept, all the money I had lost, all the diets and pills – everything!

Fast forward to today. As The Entrepreneur Enabler –I now coach misfit freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs, enabling them to create 360-degree, fully rounded, self-governed lives that feel as good on the inside as they do on the outside. I am the creator of 80 days to AHHH and I coach clients 1-to-1 and in groups on retreats and workshops.

When I started My Girl Friday and for a long time after I believed that I had to do everything myself. Deep down I believed that if I didn’t I was failing. Now I know that the job of being an entrepreneur is in the connection and co creation of working with others.  It is important to me to tell my story as I know it will inspire and empower people who may feel overwhelmed or isolated or be going through any of what I went through. I want to engage with people and help them to know that there is a place where all parts of them belong, and what better way than to ask for help? Crowdfunding my book is my way of showing my vulnerability and trust in my story and my audience. It is my way of saying “Lets do this together!”

There was a time in my life when asking people for their help was not an option I would consider unless pushed into it. Now, it is my privilege to allow people to collaborate with and help me.

The book is made up of my story and practical exercises you can do yourself to move you from a place of “ARGH” to a place of “AHHH” in your work, relationships and personal wellbeing.

The process of setting up the campaign was actually very simple. I chose Crowdshed because they are tapped into my market, they are small and independent like me. They have a real person who talks you through the pitch and the process and helped me to get clear on the offering. Coming up with rewards that will be exciting for your audience is crucial. I hope that I have gotten it right!

Please take a look for yourself here… I would love it if you would get involved by sharing the page, buying a reward package and giving me your feedback.

Ebonie’s Crowdshed campaign ends Sunday 5th April


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