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We’ve been lucky enough to taste Cook’s new range of  Chinese take out food. I love food from Cook, they make one of my favourite dishes, their Indonesian Vegetable Curry. I like the way that you guarantee good quality ingredients and home cook flavours with convenience, so I was interested to see how the new range matches up.


We were sent five dishes from the new range: Chicken Chow Mein, Mushrooms in Sweet Soy, Satay Chicken, Singapore Noodles, and Chicken in Black Bean Sauce.

imageIt is recommended that for the best results, all these dishes should be microwaved. This did mean that the meal took a while to create – around 30 minutes of juggling putting different dishes in and out, stirring and replacing. That’s possibly around the same time it might have taken me to cook a Chinese dish from start to finish – but of course then we wouldn’t have the variety.

Taste wise, we all rated the meals highly. The boys really enjoyed the meal, and got stuck into trying the different dishes which surprised me: they were more keen than they might have been in the past with takeaway meals. The meals are quite strongly salty/sweet – the Chow Mein was the one dish were I think the sweetness was unnecessarily  strong. The Singapore noodles does need a good stir to bring up the minced pork from the bottom, but it was great when mixed and popular with the kids. They also liked the Satay Chicken very much – I oved the peanutty flavour. The least popular dish was the mushrooms: the kids turned their nose up at it altogether, and I didn’t feel that there was enough variety – one for you if you are a big mushroom fan, but I’d have liked a more of a mix of vegetables with the mushrooms.

image(I’ve photographed some of the meals in their boxes so you can see what they look like when cooked, right.)

Cook wins over a traditional Chinese takeaway on a couple of factors. We estimated the cost for two adults and three children worked out about the same as the usual takeaway, but there were no leftovers. The biggest plus point is the meat is much better quality, and I have more confidence in the way Cook sources its meat than I do about the local takeaways. A secondary point which maybe relates to this is that I didn’t get the usual feeling that I get after a Chinese takeaway, which is very full immediately after, but strangely hungry a short while later! I think better ingredients lead to a more satisfying meal here.

I’d say that, overall, it’s well worth giving COOK Chinese a try, particularly if you take action in the next couple of weeks and go for their meal for £10! The offer ends 3 May.

cook food chinese offer

Disclaimer: we were sent 5 dishes from the range to taste.

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