Sleep resources if your child is past babyhood and won’t sleep through

If your child still isn’t sleeping through, you’re not alone. Did you know that:

  • Up to 40% of children will experience a sleep problem at some point in their childhood
  • Up to 86% of children with special needs will suffer with sleep problems.
  • Poor sleep patterns impact on learning and cognitive ability, children who are sleep deprived often fail to meet their full potential in school

These facts come from the Children’s Sleep charity, a charity that supports parents and trains family support workers to help parents too.

Here is a round up of some sleep resources on this site and elsewhere for children of all ages:

  1. Top five tips for better bedtimes
  2. Sleep tips for children with additional needs
  3. Mental Parental’s Six tips for a betterbedtime
  4. A book, Sleep and Your Special Needs Child (The Journey Through Assessment)
  5. Five ways to help your child wind down before bedtime #sleep #sleeptips #sen



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