The Great British Juggling Act: Which Party will help you Work and Parent?

UK parents are essentially paying to work with 1 in 10 UK families living off one parents wage whilst the other is spent solely on childcare and commuting costs1. Parents across the country are facing the financial balancing act more than ever with careers being put on hold due to the extortionate costs. The cost of sending a toddler to nursery on a part-time basis has risen by around a third over the past five years2, meaning that this year, one in five UK parents will reduce the hours they work or consider giving up altogether3 because it would be more expensive to go to work.

Avon has commissioned this infographic which shows how the different political parties propose to deal with this issue.

Great British juggling Act from Avon


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A solution for many lies in flexible working, as supported by Lynda Mills, Director General at The Direct Selling Association, who says: “Women and men often don’t return to work after having children due to the cost of childcare, and these results show that this is a rising concern in the UK. However, direct selling roles are a great way to stay in work, earn money whilst offering flexible hours so you can spend time with your children and save money on expensive childcare alternatives.”

Independent Avon Sales Leader Carrie Twinning, who is currently pregnant with her second child, says: “I was working full time as a buyer when I fell pregnant with my first child. I found myself in a tricky position having to choose between going back to full-time employment or spending time with my baby. Returning to work would have meant that I incurred additional child care costs, so I decided to leave and start up my own Avon business.” To learn more about becoming an Avon Representative or to shop Avon online please visit:



1 Aviva – 1 in 10 UK families see one earner’s wages used solely to cover childcare and commuting costs:


2 4children – One in five UK parents with childcare costs will reduce the hours they work or consider giving up work altogether in 2015:


3 Centre for Economics and Business Research for LV= – Parents now spend nearly a third of their pre-tax annual salary on one just child, study finds:

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