Instantly Double Your Storage Space with Mezzanine Floors

Lack of storage in any business premises is a considerable problem. Not only can the staff who are in charge of stock levels find it hard to keep an eye on lines which are getting close to being out of stock, and potentially holding up other business processes as a result, but cramped storage conditions often mean that items become damaged or lost as other things are shoved on top of them. Utilising a small amount of storage space – even if it is not truly fit for purpose – does have an advantage, however. It means that you can keep your costs down by not renting larger premises or even going through the headache of a business relocation. Nonetheless, an alternative that business owners ought to consider is the installation of a mezzanine floor. In most industrial units with sufficient head room, mezzanine floors can virtually double the amount of storage space on offer.

Enhance Space by Installing Mezzanine Floors

Well-designed mezzanine flooring can be installed in such a way that other storage solutions can be used much more rationally. Bringing stored items into the view of staff that needs to access them, or pick them for deliveries, a mezzanine floor does not simply mean increased amounts of storage space but increased efficiency for warehouse workers, too. You can have mezzanine floors installed quickly, by Warehouse Storage Solutions Limited, with little disruption to your normal business operations. This will surely help you achieve the goal of increasing the storage space for your business. Furthermore, mezzanine floors can be tailored to your individual business’ needs, perhaps by providing more office space alongside storage space, if wanted.



Heavy Item Storage

Sometimes the layout of a storage facility means that storing the heaviest items makes most sense on the ground floor. Keeping bulky and weighty items at the lowest level means they have to be lifted less often, after all. Nevertheless, some businesses want to rationalise their storage with two distinct divisions, one on one floor and one on the other. Helping to prevent mix ups and improved stock checking processes, such splits are quite commonplace in modern warehouse facilities. If this means that storing heavy items on a mezzanine floor becomes essential, then be in no doubt that they are strong enough to cope. Indeed, you could even look at installing a mezzanine lift, from the likes of Transdek, to help get the heavier items up and down to where they need to be.


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