3 super Charity Job tips for Mums

This image courtesy of Shutterstock
This image courtesy of Shutterstock

Having a fulltime job is difficult enough – now try balancing that on top of your six-year-old child hugging at your legs every five minutes. And as endearing as that is, childcare will add tons more stresses and strains to your working life.

But there’s more than that. If you’ve been out of work while raising your kids, you might want to take those maternal instincts into the workplace, seeking a position that’ll be more caring and sensitive than the murky world of the rat race.

To help you on your way, we’ve come up with a few ways to get you back into a workplace that’ll complement your maternal skills.

Charitable status

Charity begins at home, as the old saying goes – but it doesn’t have to stay there.

Indeed, charity can even mean more than helping out at your local British Heart Foundation. If you can gain the right qualifications, there could be a whole world of altruism awaiting you in the job market.

Indeed, a number of distance learning providers have set up charity management courses to teach anyone how to make their goodwill pay well.

Whether you’re looking to help out a local charity or set up your own philanthropic organisation, these courses will kit you out with all you need to know.

And because of their flexible nature, distance learning can easily fit around your parenting schedule. So sign up and your working life could lead in a more altruistic direction.

Steering to volunteering

Volunteering at the bottom of the ladder could be your pathway into a number of positions. You could be sorting stock in your local Oxfam bookshop or helping your council with community-based initiatives – all with your eye on the prize of an impressive looking CV.

When you’ve got proof that you’re willing to work at something purely for decency’s sake, you’ll gain a lot more respect from prospective employers.


Thanks to the wonderful world of the web, starting up your own charitable enterprise can be simple.

First you’ll need a great idea for an enterprise that’ll help each other. Then comes the hard part – getting people to fund it.

Thanks to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, tiny enterprises can grow from acorns to trees with contributions from the general public. Larger ventures have made millions from their projects, but some startups really only need a few thousand pounds to put themselves on the right track.

Moreover, your funding venture can be promoted from the comfort of your laptop – so you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of looking after your little ‘un.

Post Written by Paul Watson

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