Amazing tips to make your office look zen

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Your kids are pulling at one leg, and your staff at the other. Your home is a plate-spinning act, and your business is adding plenty more crockery to the mix. But no matter how chaotic your work environment, you have to make its surface look as calm as a Hindu cow.

Just imagine one of your clients wandering into your office, only to find it messier than a hurricane-hit town and noisier than an urban riot. You’d shed enough customers to hit bankruptcy by the end of the year.

Instead of a mad dash, you need a workplace that hits the zen spot every time. Try a few of these tips and you’ll gain exactly that.

Groovy gardens

Zen office by Shutterstock
Zen office by Shutterstock

That potholed car park might be fine for you and your staff, but what will a client think when they rock up to your door?

First impressions count – and in most cases they stick.

The exterior of your office is like the frontman in a rock band. It conveys the attitude of every other player and tantalises the crowd with exactly what they can expect.

Exterior landscaping experts understand the musical nature of the perfect building, and they’ll give you grounds worthy of a Mozart concerto if you pay the right coin.

Indeed, with the right exterior, your clients will be suitably impressed before they’ve even walked through your door.

Zen Office by Shutterstock


Do your walls seem to slump? Are they covered in damp or mould? Or are they so beige that only lobotomy patients could find them interesting? Then it’s time to shape ‘em up.

In this era of hyper-cool media agencies and trendy tech firms, having walls that aren’t laced with inspirational patterns and designs is a major no-no. Instead, you need all the panache of a Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen tribute act.

If you’ve got a particularly artsy crew around you, why not foster an inclusive spirit by having them design your walls themselves? Not only will this improve your teamwork skills but you’ll also have an effective billboard for your staffs’ unique set of skills.

Open and easy

There’s been some criticism of open offices recently, but there’s little denying that a workplace where people can’t seclude themselves builds a better team effort – and it can add to the style for any visitors.

For a perfect layout for your premises, call in a Feng Shui expert who can place every table, chair and computer to foster a greater sense of calm.

Now whenever anyone comes calling, they’ll think you’ve crafted a stylish and open office – even if there’s still chaos bubbling underneath.

Post written by Paul Watson

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