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AliensUnderpantsMain What do you expect from a show called Aliens Love Underpants? We’d rad and loved the book, but I was a bit nervous in the run up to the event that my critical audience of a 6 year old, an 8 year old and a 9 year old might feel they were too grown up for a book for toddlers. However the show has been adapted in a way that definitely kept them all interested, although I think some of the smaller toddlers in the audience might have found the start a little confusing.

If you don’t know the book it is a funny tale of underpants that disappear from the washing line, and a little boy who finds them, along with some beautifully drawn comedic aliens. It’s a short story, and the stage show comes with some additions at the start, end and in the middle. K was delighted to take part in the ‘What’s your favourite underwear?’ survey at the start of the show, and all three boys were old enough to understand when the actors tried to explain to us that the show had been cancelled! They then went on to ‘make up’ the story live on stage. The boys all liked the introductory part of the show, set in a classroom, where Timmy explains he wants to be an astronaut and class teacher Mr Stephens has a great song taking him back to his childhood dream about being an astronaut too (I don’t remember that part being in the book!)

There are scenes with Timmy’s mum and school friends, a scene in Pants R Us, all leading up to the aliens’ arrival … and it’s those bits I think that may have mystified 2 and 3 year olds but were spot on for my crew. Everyone laughed out loud as the aliens arrived – initially just in a luminous space ship that went off with a line full of pants, then as hand puppets in Timmy’s bedroom, and finally as large puppets held by the small cast of actors. Timmy whizzes off to space in their space ship, sees the underpants hall of fame, and unlocks the secret cod that has puzzled the aliens for years. (Clue: look at the washing labels on your pants!) There is plenty of humour in this show pitched at adults and children as well as the toddler fans of the original book, and we all came out laughing!

If your child is a fan and wants more of the same, author Claire Freedman has written a range of books, from Pirates Love Underpants to Alients Love Pantaclaus!

If you are visiting Bexhill, there’s lots more coming up for families at the De La Warr Pavillion including:


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