5 Reasons Why A Management Qualification Will Boost Your Career Prospects

Petra Wilton-1 When it comes to the lucrative job market, investing in your skill set is paramount if your goal is to up the stakes and exceed the competition out there. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re really setting yourself apart from fellow job seekers applying for the same job is to hone the skills you know you’re already good at. Employable qualities are likely to encourage recruiters and potential new employers to look out for tell-tale character traits and past experience when they’re deciding which candidates to put forward for interview stage. So if you can take some time to improve your existing skill set, the result is that you’ll soon be able to add further value not only to your winning CV, but to your own self confidence when going for that dream job.

If your career goal is to land that perfect job or tempt your existing employer into granting you with an annual pay rise, this is where leadership and management training can come in useful.

Recent research from The Chartered Management Institute states the following:

“85% of leaders and managers credit their management and leadership qualifications with helping them achieve effective development.”

It would seem that the path to ‘making it’ as a manager or a team leader is to develop and improve on your own skill set at every available opportunity.

management qualsIf you’re tired of settling for second best, lower paid roles and you’re ready to take the next step up the career ladder, a management qualification could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

For those of you who are ‘feeling the slump’ and struggling to reach your full potential in that current job, here are five game-changing reasons for why a management qualification could be just the career boost you need:


1.   Transferable Skills

It used to be that if you were lucky enough to acquire a job, you’d have a ‘job for life’. Working professionals began promising careers at their companies of choice and never has to even consider changing jobs to begin a working life somewhere new. Today however, we’re living in a world where people change their jobs and career paths much more frequently. By attaining a management qualification, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re building up the necessary skills needed for various job roles and work situations.

2.   Start As You Mean To Go On

It’s amazing what not starting out at the bottom of a company can do for a person’s self esteem. In effect, a management qualification is your passport to a more rewarding career, so take full advantage of that fact.

3.   Become An All-Rounder

Getting to grips with specific knowledge that relates to your own job role will always remain top priority, but there are advantages to if you’re able to deal with other employment issues as well.  Case and point, those who become management qualified tend to possess an all encompassing set of skills which usually allow them to develop on fundamental areas like confidence, self-awareness, decision-making, change management and strategic awareness. 90% of managers have actually agreed on this fact. Productivity at work doesn’t just come from doing your job right, but relates to a variety of skills in the bigger picture.

4.   Earn More

Not surprising is the fact that earning yourself a management qualification pays off generously. Employment studies have suggested that companies tend to express a higher level of respect for those with a management qualification, and as a result, they are likely to pay a healthier salary. Generally speaking, topics taught in management courses ensure that students are fully equipped to be able to overcome any dilemmas they may experience while working within the management field.

5.   Gain Trust And Recognition

Paying close attention throughout your education could mean the difference between landing a mediocre job, compared to that role you’ve always dreamed of obtaining. In fact, did you know that 78% of employers agree qualifications provide quality assurance for customers, meaning that customers are far more likely to trust the information you give them if they know you are qualified to do so. The same can be applied to an employer’s mindset. The rule of thumb when applying for a new job is to make yourself heard for the right reasons. Possessing a management qualification can certainly increase your job prospects and can stand you in good stead when it comes to outdoing rival job seekers. After all, the benefits of becoming a fully qualified manager outweigh the time, money and effort spent on achieving them.


Investing in your own personal development and career path is vital in today’s demanding job market. More and more employers are seeking out the highest calibre of staff in order to benefit their companies, organizations and businesses, and that’s why being confident in your transferable skills is more important than ever before. Different work environments call for a range of skills, so if you can accelerate your career progression by considering further training, your prosperous future will surely thank you for it.

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