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Owning and running your own business when you’re a mother is incredibly rewarding, empowering and fun. However, it’s important to add that running a business is hard work too. But with so many parents choosing to work for themselves, how can existing businesses make their work more enriching and profitable? By learning new skills, of course!

What skills should I learn?

This is quite a personal question, as it will depend on your business and the types of services or products that you offer to your customers.

However, for some, a new skill could be something like learning how to code so that they can update their website without having to have a developer on standby. While, for others, it can be something that takes a little more time, such as an industry qualification, like an ACCA F2, if you work in the financial industry.

A good business woman knows that her learning is never over, and so there are lots of things that they can improve on. Look around, what changes are happening in your chosen industry? What are your competitors doing? Can you improve your prospects by offering a new service, or learning how to update your accounts? Have a think and see what you’d like to do.

How to go about learning a new skill

Learning doesn’t always mean that you’re studying full-time at a university; in fact, it can mean that you’re learning at your own pace via distance learning, a part time course at college, or attending evening classes.

Going into higher education as an adult is much easier now that it used to be, and this is because providers are increasingly recognising that traditional full-time courses can actually be more of a barrier to people who want to return to education.

Universities, colleges and other institutes have become much more flexible over recent years, so have a look at the type of courses that are available in your local area. Or look at established institutions that offer distance learning.

The work-life balance

Finding the elusive work-life balance is something that takes a lot of time, effort and practise. There are lots of ways that you can adapt your life and work in order to squeeze in more time with your family, or more time studying.

This can be something as simple as waking up an hour earlier than usual, so you can start your work earlier, or to better prepare yourself for the day ahead. Or setting yourself realistic targets to achieve throughout the week. It’s also important to stick to a set working routine, which can be hard if you’re studying from home, but creating a study schedule will also enable you to take breaks, and learn to switch off.

Your business isn’t just your income, it’s part of your life too, so why not invest a bit more time in learning new skills to help you improve your existing prospects? It could lead to wonderful things.

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