Why Remote Working is Gaining Popularity

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up and skip your morning commute? What about rolling out of bed, walking across your flat, and starting the workday right then and there?

That’s exactly what many employees around the globe are doing each and every day. As chat rooms replace the conference table and paperwork becomes a thing of the past, more and more professionals are turning to remote work. What would have seemed almost unthinkable 50 years ago, or even just 10 years ago, is becoming common place in the UK and abroad.

The Bottom Line for Why Change is Here

Several factors have created an environment where it’s making more sense to allow workers to remotely login for their jobs. Since the global economic crisis, businesses have been looking for ways to keep budgets in line, and by foregoing physical locations they’ve been able to save an extraordinary amount of money. This money translates to higher profits and more ability to re-invest to the company’s benefit.

In addition, the way we communicate has changed. It’s faster, and most importantly, more collaborative than in the past. Today the workforce also has a better understanding of how technology can factor in to their responsibilities. Groups are now able to better leverage technology to complete a job while not even being on the same continent. This means the context of work has changed too, with the production process of any company being much more fluid than before. These sorts of innovative technology solutions are becoming more commonplace and creating new opportunities.

In addition, the cost of technology has decreased greatly in the past 10 years and continues to do so. In fact, many professionals are now updating their own computers faster than their companies ever could. This trend has allowed for measurable increases in productivity.

IMG_4404Surveying the Benefits

For workers this trend means having the luxury of enjoying the place you work in. Instead of a cramped office space, employees have the ability to work where it suits them best. This can even mean their own bedroom or the coffee shop or pub on the corner. This leads to greater productivity, and it can remove a lot of stress from the workweek.

Oddly enough, it also means that companies don’t have to spend as much time worrying about IT issues. Many professionals aren’t merely equipped with the latest gadgets; they’re also comfortable using them since these devices are their own. In some cases, all they need is Internet access and they can customise the rest, purchasing the laptop or tablet that works best for them.

Best of all, many workers are also looking to be more self-motivated and avoid being micro-managed. Working remotely gives them this opportunity. They’re able to focus more and get the job done without the common distractions that take place around the office.

 New Tech is Fuelling the Trend

New technology has paved the way for video conferencing, screen sharing, and the like. With the rise of mobile computing, it’s now possible to do many tasks from anywhere in the world. As cloud computing has come of age, there’s no need to worry about storing data on one’s own computer or sharing it with others. For many companies, these remote employees are also easier to manage, especially with new technology like HR software solutions from CIPHR.

But just because there’s so much change and mobile working, this doesn’t mean employees aren’t getting together any more. As more tech savvy employees enter the workforce, some are also using social media and mobile apps to meet up after remote work. This way, they still can keep morale up and develop a face-to-face connection. While it’s not absolutely necessary, it does make for a very different work environment from that which anyone has known previously.

This New World

As both the pace and the demands of today’s workplace changes, companies are looking to adapt to this new world. For many professionals, it will be important to gain the skills to transition to remote working when necessary. As it becomes more commonplace, working from home is clearly a win-win for companies and employees alike. With modern technology continuing its advancement, who knows what else the future will hold?


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