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Antonia ChittyFamily Friendly Working is packed with articles on all sorts of topics, whether you want to run your own business, join a party plan or direct sales business, or buy a franchise. On top of start up tips, we also have lots of tips on how to succeed. In this article. I round up some of our news and advice about sales and selling, one of the toughest yet most essential areas for all business owners.

There’s much more to selling than meets the eye, and developing a process can make it easier for you, and a better expereince for the customer. Richard Edwards from Quatreus Ltd designs sales processes for companies, and his first tip is: Don’t sell! If you want to know what you do next, read his article, How to create a successful sales process.

Focussing on the customer is the first suggestion in the article, Top tips for successful sales pitch. This article helps you keep your sales pitch short but successful but getting to the heart of what the customer really wants.

Telephone selling can seem scary, but with a well planned process you can really boost your business this way. Read How to qualify a lead in a 10-minute phone call  from Shweta Jhajharia, founder of The London Coaching Group to find out more.

Wnhat are your best sales tips? What works for you in your business?

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