3 ideas for a healthier workplace

Saucy SalmonWhether you work from home or in an office, your health is important and it can be easy to neglect yourself. Here are a few tips for better health in the office.

1. Take a break. A lunchbreak isn’t the only break of the day – if you work on a screen, remember the 20-20-20 rule – look away from the screen every twenty minutes, and spend twenty seconds focussing at around 20 feet away. This gives your eyes a break.

2. Make the most of your routine. Office life is a killer for fitness, so make sure you make the most of the day to day routine and sneak in a few fit-tips. Get off one stop early on your commute, take the stairs rather than the lift, and go out during your lunch break. Even if you just walk to get a sandwich from a shop a little further away than usual, you will be adding in exercise all through the day.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock
Image courtesy of Shutterstock

3. Work flexibly! There’s no need to be stuck with a 9-5 nowadays, and you have the right to ask for flexible work. If you feel you’d be healthier working from home some days (you could spend the time you would have been commuting exercising OR relaxing) make a business case to your employer about how flexible work would benefit the business. An early start or finish some days could make it easier to take part in sport too. Think how changing your working hours could make you healthier too.

If you want more ideas, Simply health have some tips for a healthy office too, and there are more ideas for protecting your eyes at work in the image, below.

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