Sleep well on holiday

woman asleep in dressing gownGetting away from it all needn’t mean sleepless nights thanks to jet lag busting tips from The Sleep Council.    And better sleep on holiday starts before leaving home, according to the organisation that aims to teach us all how to sleep better.

 Said Lisa Artis: “From jet lag to unfamiliar environments and irregular bedtimes, your sleep can be disrupted in many ways when you’re away from home. Luckily there are things to do to help minimise its effects.

 “Diet has a large part to play in setting the body clock. The day before you fly, make sure you eat three balanced meals, including at least five servings of fruit or green vegetables and one of protein rich food such as white fish or tofu.

 “Once at your destination use your diet to help control your wakefulness: high protein meals increase your alertness; lots of carbohydrates make you feel sleepier.”

 To further banish jet lag be sure to drink plenty of water and once on the plane, set your watch to local time at your destination.

 Lisa added: “Eat according to normal mealtimes at your destination, avoid alcohol and take regular walks up and down the aisle.

 summer-holidays-cocktail“Don’t forget to pack your eye mask and ear plugs and use them if it is night time where you’re going; conversely keep the light on and mask off if it’s daytime.”

 Daylight can help reset your internal clock, so an early morning walk and as much time spent outdoors as possible can be useful strategies.

 Of course, for those opting for less exotic destinations, sleep issues are more likely to extend to comfort than jet lag.

 Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the worldAgain, pack the eye mask and ear plugs if outside noise or light may be an issue, advised Lisa.

 “Keep your bed as a ‘sleep zone’ and check the temperature, keep the bedroom cool – ideal sleeping environment is 16 to 18 degrees.

 “Try to keep to regular hours as much as possible and remember it’s still important to factor in some wind down time – spend at least 15 minutes doing something relaxing.

 “You can’t take your bed with you, but if possible, take your pillow for some familiarity and comfort.”

 For copies of The Sleep Council’s Good-Night Guide or Bed Buyers Guide call 0800 018 7923 or visit

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