Wrike, Online Project Management Software for Managing Work


If you work with a team spread across different locations, project management software can make a big difference in coordinating work seamlessly and ensuring good communication between team members. I was pleased to get the chance to review Wrike, a cloud-based software that helps teams  collaborate and work smarter even when they’re geographically separated.

So, what does Wrike offer? Up to five users are free, which gets it off to a great start for any small business. There are also professional and enterprise plans which are paid but offer lots more functionality. For all levels you can manage tasks, host discussions about tasks and projects, share files, and see a real time activity stream. There is a table view as well as a timeline view for your tasks.  And all plans are compatible with the iPhone and Android apps. (search Wrike, or follow this link for the google store link to the app. There is also a  chrome extension which can help you turn any website into an instant task!) There is email integration, meaning you can send emails from your inbox in  Outlook, Apple Mail, or Google Mail, and turn them directly into Wrike tasks. And you can also attach any file uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. Check out how Wrike can integrates with other common software solutions: here is the full list.


Watch this video to find out about getting started with Wrike apps:

And the Wrike team have some cool ideas in this infographic too:

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