Review: MUM’s Shopping List

There are, perhaps, some products that shouldn’t be sent to me to review. Anything that implies that ‘Mum’ is responsible for household tasks is going to present me with a challenge: perhaps I should spend the next 500 words talking about the fair division of household labour rather than reviewing what is a nice notepad for making shopping lists?

So, focussing on the product for a moment, it’s good. It has a magnet attached to the back so you can stick it to the fridge. Inside the pages are split into half for meals for the week, and the other half  for the shopping list. There is a serrated line down the centre so you can, with care, tear off your list and take it shopping. All good so far.

It falls apart, however, if you don’t plan your meals. Meal planning is a great idea, but not one that I usually manage. I should, because you save money, don’t waste food and eat more healthily: what’s not to like? So, in the interests of keeping DD busy over the holidays I might hand this over to her. If I scrub out ‘Mum’s’ and replace it with ‘Family Shopping List’, perhaps I can encourage D to plan what she’d like us to eat for the week. She’s quite clued up about food, and is possibly more interested in cooking than I am. Sitting down together to plan meals with the family might also help everyone understand just how hard it is to keep all members happy!

MUM’s Office Lists are on sale at Amazon at £12.50 for two lists. There is also a  Dads to Do List  from the same company. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mum’s list is pink and Dad’s is blue!

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