Small Businesses outsource Social Media to stay ahead of their competitors

With home based earning the UK economy £19 billion a year, there’s never been a better time to be a micro business.  But with limited hours in each day, how does a one-man-band stay ahead of their bigger corporate rivals?

Well, one way the solo-preneur has edged ahead is by being an early adopter of new technologies – including social media marketing.  But SMEs also have limited time and it’s easy for social media to suck time out of your day unless you keep a tight rein on your most precious resource – time.

The Society of Virtual Assistant’s latest survey reports that a record number of businesses are outsourcing their social media, with it being in the Top 3 Outsourced Services for the first time…  Despite the rise of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn traditional services such as administration and audio typing kept topping the poll… until now.

Organiser of the survey, Caroline Wylie of, says: “With so many people now using social media as the primary way of contacting a business, it’s become increasingly important to make sure you respond – and if you fail to respond, the impact on your business can be devastating, so it’s important to get it right.” 

Small businesses have the edge when it comes to adopting new technology quickly, which let them ace their bigger rivals.  Despite being the trailblazers of social media marketing, small businesses have been struggling to keep up with the day to day management of their numerous accounts, and that’s where a VA can step in to provide a personalised and on message response.


Ways to outsource your social media:

  • Answering customer queries
  • Connecting with new prospects by monitoring #hashtags
  • Managing your PR by responding to online conversations – good and bad!
  • Posting company news and keeping your brand front of mind
  • Finding interesting pictures and stories to share about your business
  • Injecting personality and approachability into your brand


Find out more about the Virtual Assistant Survey:, or buy the report at

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