How to pick the best Workplace for your Personality

image 1Choosing the right job to suit your individual personality has become a common goal for many job seekers in the UK. Many people turn to interesting personality tests and various quizzes that claim to help determine your most suited career path based on your personality traits. Others choose a career in which their skills can be used and honed even further whilst others choose a more classic approach towards finding their ultimate career, by picking something that they are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about. Here are some ways that can help you to choose the best workplace to suit your personality.

Base your Decision on your Skills

Every one of us have our own personal line-up of various skills and qualities that come together to make us who we are. These skills often become useful when it comes to finding that perfect job. Someone who shows skills in negotiating often make the best sales people, whilst those who are great communicators would be perfect for call centre jobs in Manchester, as they will be required to use their communication skills on a daily basis. Defining your skills will often help you to pick the best workplace according to these skills that make up a huge chunk of your personality.

Choose your Passion

Having a job that you are passionate about will ensure that you remain happy in the workplace and actually enjoy the work. If you are not passionate about the job or company, it will be as clear as day to not only you, but your employers too. If you are an artist at heart then consider going for a creative career that lets you unleash this artistic passion in the real world such as graphic design, illustration or tattoo design etc. If you have yet to discover your passion in life, don’t panic. Many people that are well past their ‘youth’ have yet to find their passion in life. According to one of the best ways to combat this problem is to do enough research about various career options and hobbies that you could get into.

Think about Potential Colleagues

Different personalities get along with different people, which is why it is important to consider choosing a job with like-minded people. Of course, everyone is different and you can’t possibly get along with every single person that you meet. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a job where you are more likely to get along with your work colleagues. People with the same interests as you are likely to go for similar jobs and thus you end up in a job that you not only love, but one where you are surrounded by people who are interested in the same things as you.

Take the Quiz

If you are still a little lost and unsure about what your ideal career should be, take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. According to, this popular test was created to determine your core personality, discovering the way in which you perceive the world and make important decisions in order to distinguish your ideal career. There are 16 ‘personality types’ which are coded with relevant letters. These categories include the thinker, feeler, sensor, intuitive, extravert, introvert, judger and the perceiver.

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