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We live in a house that is over a hundred years old, and over the time we have lived here, it seems like we have rebuilt it bit by bit. It is in a fabulous position right on the sea front, which has its pros and cons.  The view is unbeatable, but the house is high maintenance. In the time that we have lived here we have knocked down walls, (which meant talking to a company like in case we needed asbestos removing), extended out the back, added a new kitchen, changed the configuration of the bedrooms and finished the basement. And as, in the same period, our family has grown from one child to three children most of the work has been done by other people.

the view

Now the major structural work is done, I think I had hoped that we could move on to the details, nice jobs like redecorating, choosing new cushions and curtains. I like DIY, and love getting stuck in round the home, but this isn’t quite how it has worked out! Over the summer a leak from the bathroom meant that the basement ceiling fell in. We have been incredible grateful for our home insurance in helping us sort this out.

So, one day, when the house stops needing emergency attention, I still plan to get back to DIY. In part of the main living space we have lovely parquet flooring, but the rest has aged cream carpet on top of concrete. My dream is to rip out the carpet and put in more wood flooring so we have wood throughout. My other DIY project that I would love to do is redecorating my bedroom.  Almost every other part of the house has been done, but because the bedroom was in good condition to start, we left it. Seven years down the line it is still the same, acceptable but not inspiring. I would love to rip out the fitted particleboard wardrobes and replace them with beautiful wooden ones. At the same time, by changing the position of the wardrobes I could move the bed to face the sea. I’d like new windows, and maybe a feature wall too.

The trouble with all my DIY dreams is that they involve disrupting so much of the house.  Sorting out the wood floors would mean moving all the living and dining rooms, redecorating my bedroom would involve emptying the wardrobes, taking off the wall paper and coving … And probably redoing the floor at the same time! As a mum of three, and working too, I can’t see that I’ll have time to DIY in the near future so instead maybe I’ll start saving up!

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