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IMG_4275I was recently given a Huawei E5573 4G Mobile Wi-Fi from Three to test out and review. The claim is that this mobile gadget would let me take the internet with me wherever I went. This costs from £9-14 per month depending on your data needs. My overall verdict is that I’m just not sure about it! Read on to find out why.

My first attempt at using this failed. We’d gone away for a few days glamping – for the children at least I was keen to try out a wifi and internet free life, but I thought this might also be a good spot to test out the mobile wifi device. Nothing doing! In a woodland in Sussex there wasn’t enough signal for it to work, and that was also the case with my phone. I had to walk to the edge of the woods to make calls if needed. Fair enough, that was why we’d picked the place, but it showed me that the device won’t work in remoter areas.

Second attempt – I took it with me on a trip to a conference at York University. This time the failure was entirely down to me – I forgot the password card. Nothing doing! And there was great wifi at the conference, in the hotel and at my sisters house where I stayed after the conference so I didn’t really suffer for my forgetfulness!

Image from Shutterstock
Image from Shutterstock

So, third time lucky. I’m at another work conference, in Manchester this time. I made a point of remembering the card, I brought the wires for the Huawei E5573 4G Mobile Wi-Fi  and as soon as I got to my room I set it up. It worked just fine, it connected my phone and lap top to the internet and worked flawlessly. On the second day of my trip, however, I simply logged in to the hotel wifi which was there for me at no charge.

I’d be interested in trying this out on the train too, but there are too many areas local to me where I know already my phone signal drops to nothing, and that would be the same with the mobile wifi.

Looking at other features, the battery life on the device seems pretty short – it is better plugged in. I think it could be handy if you are in a place with good reception where you don’t have other options. It might be a more affordable way to cover a gap between wifi coverage if you are away from home regularly, or even moving house. However so many hotels, conference centres, stations and universities offer free wifi now, I can see that the number of occasions to use this device are pretty specific. I’m getting a new workspace shortly, and will be trying it out there before the wifi is set up, and that might be just the right use for it.

If you have used a mobile wifi device and found it is what you need, let me know.

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