5 Winter Essentials For Your Child


http://www.shutterstock.com/Children grow at a rate of knots. One minute your son is toddling around wearing all-in-ones, the next you can barely see his outline as he pelts past on a bike. It’s no different with daughters either – those adorable baby outfits are quickly replaced by jeans, t-shirts emblazoned with their favourite princesses, and shoes that twinkle as they walk.

Keeping up with how quickly your kids grow is a hard task to master, and one that, as parents, we must constantly strive to stay on top of – after all, trousers that skim the ankles are still not a trend that’s likely to take off. So, with winter just around the corner, it’s time to consider what your must-have buys for your child should be…

  1. All-in-one Waterproof

Winter is no stranger to bad weather but kids aren’t usually great lovers of staying indoors for days on end. Invest in a quality all-in-one waterproof though and you won’t have to worry about them getting drenched to the skin. Look out for super-fun all-in-ones in animal themes.

  1. Hats

It’s not just kids’ limbs that shoot up super fast, their heads grow quickly too. The hat they adored last year has probably already been outgrown – especially if your kids are changing from babies to toddlers and tweens.

While hats are essential for keeping heads warm and toasty, lots of kids can kick up a fuss when it comes to wearing them. To combat this, invest in a themed hat that ties in with their favourite film or comic book character. Lamaloli UK has a great range of themed hats that are bound to appeal to fussy hat wearers – and any kid who adores films, as they have hats featuring everything from Disney princesses to Spiderman.


  1. Welly socks


Wellies are essential wet weather gear but they can actually be quite cold for little feet to wear, plus they have a habit of ‘eating’ up normal socks so that they bunch into a wad at the toes. Deal with this by kitting your kid out with welly socks or socks with grippers on the underside to stop them from slipping. Warm, toasty, and perfect for outdoor exploring expeditions.


  1. Dressing Gown


Snuggling up in a cosy dressing gown while the temperatures drop outside, is every kid’s right. They’re great for lazy weekends when you don’t want to be rushing around getting multiple layers on before 9am, and they’re perfect for wintery evenings in front of the TV. Look for ones with hoods for extra snuggability!

5. Hoodie


Every kid needs a decent hoodie. No longer associated with teens hanging around on street corners, a hoodie is now a kid’s wardrobe essential. Keep them extra-visible on dark wintery nights by opting for bright colours. They’ll get worn so often you’ll never regret having treated them to one!


As kids grow so fast it can feel like you’re forever spending money on new clothes for them. However, if you choose wisely, your child’s new winter wardrobe need not break the bank. Plus, if you’re not averse to rolling sleeves up, you can always buy clothing in the next size so you get maximum wear from certain key pieces.

Whatever winter essentials your child needs, make sure you buy items they’ll love wearing as opposed to ones you’d like to see them in. That way, you’ll probably have far fewer clothes-related arguments!

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