It’s that time of year … 5 tips for using a wood burner

The nights are drawing in, and we’ve got the wood burner going again. It has been one of the best things we’ve put in the house and we use it throughout the winter, in the evenings when it’s not quite time for central heating, and even when the heating has broken in the past. If you’re thinking about getting a woodburner, they can seem like a big investment but it has very much been worthwhile for us. Here are some tips on what we have found works well.

  1. Save cardboard! Corrugated card works really well to get the fire going. Tear off strips and roll them.
  2. Buy wood in bulk. The small bags you get at the garage vary in quality, are costly log for log, and are often damp. We have found plenty of local guys who will deliver a load of wood – ask around for recommendations.
  3. Store your wood carefully. We don’t have a shed for the logs so cover them with tarpaulin which isn’t idea. We try to bring in a basket or two of logs well ahead of when we need them and store them next to the fire so one lot is getting really dry and toasty while we burn the previous lot. We need to think about investing in a log store.
  4. Kiln dried logs burn better. We’ve been testing out kiln dried logs which are designed to create more heat output and better fuel efficiency. It makes sense that logs which are dry all through will be easier to burn and will give off more heat and less smoke.
  5. Our chimney sweep always says our chimney is pretty clean and I think that’s because we followed the advice we had to make sure we always burn the fire nice and hot for some of the time which leaves less sooty deposits.

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of logs, kindling and firestarters from Certainly Wood to try out.

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