Going insane doing the same old same old?

Stress. Woman stressed is going crazy pulling her hair in frustration. Close-up of young businesswoman on white.
Stress. Woman stressed is going crazy pulling her hair in frustration. Close-up of young businesswoman on white.

So, wake up and smell the roses!

Is doing the same old, same old this year driving you insane? If so, chances are your job’s just not cutting it anymore and it’s time for a change. Well, wake up and smell the roses, there’s a whole new world of joy in your job to be found, if you just know where to start…

Why not make 2017 the year you dig yourself out of that work rut and make those changes you’ve been putting off ‘til later? OK, so it may sound easier said than done, but with the right know-how, it couldn’t be simpler. Maybe you can take heart from the fact that you’re not alone – research by Gallup suggests that dissatisfaction among employees is endemic in the 21st century, with 70% of US workers just not engaged in their work at all. ‘That’s all well and good – I know that!’, you may say, ‘But what do I DO about it?’ Well one way out is to start your own home business, pick your own hours and set your own goals – yes, and that also means taking no more flak from your boss!

The path to sanity

So, how do you get started? For those new to business enterprise, it can be tricky knowing where to begin, but don’t let inexperience stop you, as the right help and support is out there for the budding entrepreneur. The possibilities are plentiful – if you have a passion project you’re itching to launch on the world, you could consider crowdfunding your way to business success, or for a ready-made venture, you could buy into a franchise and follow a tried-and-tested formula. Alternatively, for a quick-fix with low set-up costs, why not build your own direct selling empire? Just choose a product you love to sell, and away you go! Working for yourself might just be the path to sanity you’re looking for. This could certainly help you achieve a great work–life balance and, according to the Indeed Job Happiness Index 2016, this is now the number one job satisfaction criterion. You can also ramp that motivation up a notch, if you’re a woman, juggling too many demands on your time, as according to research by Gallup, as many as 60% of women rate finding greater work–life balance as top of their wish list – no surprise there then!

Learn to be happier

happy young businessman on spring field

OK, so nobody is saying running your own business will be easy, it will require hard graft, but it will also give you far more freedom to make your own choices. If you’re still lacking inspiration and need that extra push, you can even sign up for some entrepreneurial training, to give you the know-how you need. In fact, one company combines all things entrepreneurial to enable you to gain top skills training and earn while you learn. Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO), a global entrepreneurship training company, offers a range of products to help you on the path to business success. Its wide variety of online skills training can be fitted in around your busy life and you can also choose to start your own direct selling business, marketing its products. In addition, if you have a burning business idea and are looking for the right crowdfunding site to launch it, LEO provides its very own pioneering platform – LEOcrowd. This innovative site supplies full guidance on how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, and also facilitates funding via digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and LEOcoin, which effectively opens up a new world of international funding possibilities.

A happier you is a healthier you

If you’re still dragging your heals and afraid to break out of the work cycle rut, you might want to consider the importance that finding joy in your job has on your health – this may provide the extra kick up the pants you need. Perhaps unsurprisingly, studies have found that unhappiness in your work can seriously affect your health. One study focused on the fact that hating your job can lead you to unhealthy behaviour, such as eating fast food, drinking alcohol or smoking – yes, we’ve all been there on a bad day! In fact, such a day from hell was also found to affect the wellbeing of your family, as it may make you spend less time with them. As if this wasn’t reason enough to make a change, for those in their 20s and 30s, there is an added incentive, as a new study shows that achieving happiness in your work at this age makes for a much healthier you in your 40s. Indeed, studies also suggest that finding happiness in your work is money in the bank for your health as a whole, as it could just lengthen your life! But why now? Well, this is the perfect time to start such a venture, as working part time at your new business, until it takes off, alongside any full-time employment, could bring in the extra cash you need to pay for this year’s holiday – and that’s got to be good for your health!

So, what better time to wake up and smell the roses? Make 2017 the year you seize control, improve your health and happiness, and take the path to work sanity!

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