How to get a good night’s sleep and be fresh for work the next day

Being a parent is an energy-intensive activity. It requires a lot of steam and a lot of coordination to ensure that each and every day goes off without a hitch. Going to work, hitting the gym, spending time with the family, getting the kids to bed – these activities can be exhausting to say the least. As a parent it’s important to getting sufficient rest to ensure that you have sufficient energy to get going the next day. Although, as most everyone knows when they try to go bed at a responsible time, life has a habit of getting in the way! Whether it’s staying up late to watch a school play, an extended dinner party with friends, or catching up on some work at home, it’s easy to miss your bedtime. This is especially true during the festive season, when a tidal wave of social obligations can make getting sleep difficult. Still, with a few small lifestyle changes you can ensure you get enough sleep every night without fail.

Optimise your bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you’re going to be spending up to a third of your life. So make sure that it isn’t missing any essentials that can be brought from places like SleepSoWell. All the stops should be pulled out when ensuring that your bedroom is tailored in all possible aspects to promote good sleep. This includes:

  • Invest in a firm mattress that regulates your body temperature and supports your body. Some companies, such as Eve Sleep, allow you to order the mattress and test it without fully committing to buying it, so you can actually thoroughly test out various options if you’re buying online.
  • Reduce the amount of ambient light and noise in your room to ensure you sleep soundly. This means removing laptops and other mobile devices that you would typically use before bed, hanging up some heavy curtains or installing window shades to block external light and noise, and perhaps investing in some double-glazed windows to reduce sound emanating from the outside world.
  • Keep your space cool. A room that’s too hot can interfere with your sleep, as can a room that’s too cold. A comfortable temperature is around 17 – 19 degrees Celsius.

Keep a consistent bedtime

Whether it’s a Monday or a Saturday, ensure that you go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time every morning. Not only will this help develop a routine in your day to day life, it will also gradually train your body to associate a certain time with sleep. It may take a little time to take effect, but stick with it and you may find yourself enjoying a better quality of sleep overall. Sleep experts have been raving about weighted blankets to help sleep consistency, learn more about their weighted blankets today.

Go easy on the alcohol

While having a drink or two before bed can seem like a good idea to help you get to sleep faster, studies have shown that the opposite is actually true. Drinking alcohol before bed in fact disrupts sleep patterns and decreasing the amount of time people spend in the REM phase of sleep, leading to impaired memory and concentration. So if you are going to drink, just make sure it’s not too close to your bedtime.

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