Mumpreneur Profile: Samantha Sullivan from Flamingo Paperie

Hello, my name is Samantha Sullivan and I am 43 years old. I am an Independent Partner at Flamingo Paperie running my own greetings card and stationery business around my busy family life.

I home educate my four children, one girl and three boys, who are aged from four to twelve years old. My husband and I emigrated to New Zealand fifteen years ago. Our first three children were born in New Zealand whilst the youngest was born in Australia. My husband tends to pick up short-term environmental contracts so we move around with him. We’re now back in the United Kingdom.

I have a long history of working in retail and hospitality environments, but did train as a Secondary school teacher after finishing my Environmental Science degree. I taught in Manchester and New Zealand. I started selling Total Learning educational books and resources in New Zealand when my first son was around one year old as I knew I did not want to return to the stress and commitment of full-time employment. I wanted something more flexible that I could fit in around family. I used to take my son to day-time in-home events whilst my husband cared for him for weekend and evening events. I discovered Phoenix Trading greetings cards around 9 years ago but didn’t join up until after my second son was born and Total Learning had ceased trading.

Sadly, Phoenix Trading also ceased trading after 22 years in August 2017 following a period of administration. However, there is excellent news – a brand new company has launched with many of the familiar artists under license, but with plans to take the range in new and exciting directions. I am now an Independent Partner with Flamingo Paperie and excited about the revamped designs, focus on raising the company profile on social media and the opportunity to rebuild my team. Flamingo Paperie launched on February 1st 2018.

My favourite thing about my business has always been the quality of the products and being able to share them with my customers. Many of those customers have become team members over the years as we all love the greetings cards! Being able to share the business opportunity and support others to earn an income from doing something they love is another really important aspect for me. The company does not put pressure on partners to reach minimum sales levels, hit booking targets and most importantly you can earn without having to team build. In addition to the retail profit margins there are additional bonuses to be earned on personal and team sales if you want to aim for them though, but it is in no way compulsory.

The only frustrating thing at the moment is that as we’re a new company partners in Australia, New Zealand and France do not have E-commerce websites for online orders in their own countries. There are plans to change that in the future though. But all partners can set up a website address and send any UK customers, friends or family to that to order for shipping to a UK address. This is actually quite good, as many of the partners overseas are expats and have friends and family in the UK.

I currently have team members in Australia, New Zealand, France and the United Kingdom, so my team covers all the territories. My blog about my activities and the products brings in interest from all over the world at

I love my business; I love the products and I love to share them because they are exclusive designs and excellent quality. I love the flexibility that working from home provides. I get to spend so much time with my children helping them learn and explore!

If you would like to find out more about starting your own business as an Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner from £45 and joining my International team then please visit my partner website at

If you would like to view the range and order online you can save 20% on greetings cards buy choosing 10 or more designs from the entire range of over 250 designs. With 4 to 5 new releases of designs planned each year, there is literally a card for all occasions!

Cards cost £2 each and shipping is free when you spend over £30!

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