Mumpreneur profile: Stephanie of Stikets

My name is Stephanie Marko and I never had any intention of being a mumpreneur.  As a professional, I gave up my salary work when my first child was born in 2002 and took up the hardest job I would ever have in my life: being a mum.

By 2008 we had three children and I was looking forward to the day that our youngest would start nursery school.  I had plans to return to the gym and to start writing again, but I also had a nagging problem when it came to labeling my children’s shoes, clothing and supplies for school.  In the middle of a frustrating search for a solution, I discovered a business opportunity.  However, I was not so sure that I wanted to take on the daunting project of starting a company.

After nearly 2 years of turning the idea over and over in my head, one night at 2am when I was up caring for our oldest who had a high fever, I came to the realisation that I hadn’t slept a full night’s sleep in over 8 years.  I figured with that being the case, I could easily withstand a few more years of sleepless nights that it would take to get a business off the ground.

However, I promised myself I would not only create a company that would provide high quality products for mums around the world but I would also create a high quality company where I would want to work as a professional and as a mum. In essence, this meant building an organization with opportunities to grow and learn and where everyone could combine his or her professional and family life.  And with those goals in mind, Stikets ( was founded in 2010.

Now 8 years later, we have 26 members in our team.  At our core we are a family-first company, working to make the family life of everyone around us, from our clients to our own team, just a little bit easier and a little bit better.

While I still have many sleepless nights, being a mumpreneur has a great growth opportunity professionally and also at a personal level.  I never had any intention of starting a business but now I don’t know what my life and the life of our family would be if I hadn’t.

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