4 ways to improve your home this spring

It’s sunny as I’m writing this, and (as well as showing that the windows need cleaning) it also makes me take a fresh look at my home. Recently after we went through the Our Home Love online site we began to redecorate the living room this spring: maybe you would like to make some home improvements too. Whether you are thinking of small changes or even some building work, here are five ideas to help you refresh your home this spring.

1. Dust, tidy and clear out!

I spent a few hours which weekend clearing out a couple of bookshelves. We have put some of the children’s old favourite books away, the ones the love but no longer read. We have three boxes to send off to two of the websites that buy unwanted books, and a further three boxes to go to the charity shop. You may not have as many books to sort, but I’m sure there is a corner of your house that is feeling unloved and could do with a good dust, tidy and clear out. Making space allows you to bring in new things or just enjoy the emptiness. You can even utilize home fragrances to make your home smell clean and fresh.

2. Go green

Now I have more space on my shelves I’m looking out for some houseplants. We have a new fern in the bathroom which really adds something to the room – it’s bright green which contrasts with the blue tiles and orange towels. For the living room I’m looking for light green trailing plants to have on the wooden bookshelves, in the gaps where there aren’t so many books any more! As well as looking good, house plants improve the air in your home too and now is the perfect time of year to buy them.

3. Redecorate

We have been working our way round the house: we repainted the kitchen in the Autumn, and two of the kids rooms had to be done because of a leak! Other than affixing some new wooden gates made to measure the garden doorway, we only have the main room left to do. It’s the biggest job but we’re hoping for a sunny weekend when we can have all the doors and windows open and the paint will dry quickly. Redecorating can seem like a big task, which is why I was clearing out some books first – less stuff to move! Which room would you redecorate in your house?

4. Big projects

Now is a great time to think about the bigger household projects. We want to put up a bike shed outside, but you might be thinking of a conservatory or extending into the loft. A modular staircase kit can make it much easier to access and maximise the use of your loft. We converted our basement a few years back which has been a fantastic investment. The children have a den down there, we have an extra study/bedroom which looks out onto the back garden, and there is plenty of storage space. We needed to install a wooden staircase with stair hand railings. The one we got was beautifully made off site for the builders to assemble and we can now access the basement space going down through the kitchen extension whereas previously we had to go outside. Big projects like this can be daunting but they will pay off in the long run with added space for you to use and added value on your house when you come to sell.

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