How women can help reshape the nightclub industry: taking advantage of changes in tech

By Marco Scotti, Figaroo

With the introduction of exciting new technology in the entertainment industry generally the world of nightclubs is changing.  I predict we’ll see many more women owning and operating nightclubs as they embrace new and disruptive technologies. Without the baggage of ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ I think we’ll see more women, and in particular younger women, making a name in the club world.

Technology will shift the way the industry is run, and this will provide opportunities for women to break into the industry as owners, managers and promoters. Technology is the key to the nightclub industry’s future – and women have a great track record for embracing disruptive technologies.

So, what are these new technologies and how will they drive the industry? Let’s start by looking at the key role of Promoters who bring money into the business.


Promoters, particularly in the luxury nightlife sector, are the key to the industry’s future.

Although most promoters are currently men, there is a massive opportunity for women as they often have the softer, relationship-building skills needed for success in this field.

Customers are either engaged by club promoters or contact them to access the club and/or book tables. They’re then greeted and escorted through the night by promoters – ultimately the only figures customers have a meaningful business relationship with.

New technology

To thrive, clubs need to attract a new, tech-savvy generation of clubbers, promoters need new tools to find and engage customers, and clubbers need new platforms and incentives to facilitate their experiences.

New comers to the industry are more open and willing to embrace unconventional ways of reaching customers. I see women taking a leading role here.

Let’s look at some young, innovative companies using tech to reach customers:

Nitechain (founded by female entrepreneur Anna Frankowska) is a Blockchain-powered nightlife marketplace which will soon use Nitecoin – its own cryptocurrency – to incentivise its clubbers to stay active and engaged within the nightlife ecosystem. The concept with this cryptocurrency is quite similar to that of LTC/USD pair trading. If you read on about the cryptocurrency, you’d know that Nitecoin will reward its users for attending clubs, recommending venues, and bringing friends.

The platform is bolstered by its partnership with Nightset, an award-winning nightlife app (also female-led) which allows its users to find and access events and club nights.

Solutions like this are key to overcoming the difficulties of accessing amazing nightlife experiences, whether at home or abroad.

Even more difficult to find – and afford – is a table, particularly for groups of fewer than 10 people. This is despite VIP Table bookings making up a massive 60% of club revenues.

While tables offer clubbers the most exclusive experience possible; line skipping, security, bottle service, etc. costs have skyrocketed. The minimum cost per table is £1,500 in London and $3,000 in Miami!

Without a technological solution, it’s tough for promoters and clubbers to find one another, and for clubbers to connect with others, book tables together and split the costs.

Figaroo (sometimes dubbed “the Uber/Airbnb for promoters”) focuses on club promoters – the true connectors of the industry.  Figaroo links them with invite-only customers, giving them greater visibility and allowing them to fill tables. It also connects clubbers with one another – another important method to boost attendance and reverse the nightclub decline.

Many venues are using technology to set themselves apart from the competition and gain the edge over late-licence bars.

Experiential technology from the likes of Zuzor is used to create interactive displays, which are used to bring club walls to life. This may see fixtures imitating the motions of a dancing clubber, “cartooning” them, and turning them into the conductor of a psychedelic lightshow.

Interactive bars and tabletops such as Touch Magix, TableFX, and spinTouch, are futuristic surfaces respond to your touch. So, clubbers can expect to see butterflies land on their hands, create water ripples, and launch shooting stars launch as they sip their ready to drink cocktails.

With a combination of these innovative ideas (with more to come) technology offers new hope to nightclubs and the wider nightlife industry. Over the next decade will see women taking a leading role in creating the change

About the Author

Marco Scotti, is an experienced entrepreneur and founder of Figaroo – a platform that connects clubbers with promoters and invite-only clubbers, allowing access to the VIP experience usually enjoyed only by high-net-worth individuals who make up 68% of all nightclub spending in a $25bn industry.

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