Creating simple how-to tutorials for everyone in your family

Nowadays, we jump on YouTube to find tutorial videos for everything. Be it making a simple dish, or even changing a light bulb- there is a tutorial video available on the internet for it. Video tutorials are helpful not only for customers but also for brands and business markets that want video documentation of their products.

You don’t need a studio or expensive camera equipment to create your first tutorial video. Just some basic tips and a good knowledge of the subject at hand will be enough to get you going. Here are some ways in which you can make your first YouTube tutorial video:

Make a plan

Before you start recording the video, you will have to first make a plan for yourself. Make an outline of the video plan using bullet points. You should start with the video only after you have a clear picture of what you are going to do and how you will do it.

If necessary, you can even make PowerPoint slides of your plan to make it easy for you to follow through.

Record slowly

You can record the video on a video camera or your phone. Make sure that you perform the actions slowly, by about 20 percent. Remember that you are demonstrating how to do or accomplish a certain thing to an audience that knows nothing about the process. Try not to make errors during the process and don’t do anything unnecessary.

Record the instructions in detail

Your visual instructions won’t have much of an impact if your audio instructions are not full proof. Write down the steps before you record them so that you can make changes to the script at will. Try to record the video in a clear and natural voice, preferably in a quiet room. Modulate your voice along with the script, stressing on important words. Most importantly, don’t rush with the recording. Go slowly and clearly. Again, keep in mind that you are laying down instructions for people who are learning how to do something for the first time.

Add visual effects

Now that you know the basic steps of the how to make tutorial videos, you might want to get experimental with it. Add things like visual effects, flashes, text, and pictures to make the presentation of the video even more attractive. However, too much of these effects can be distracting- remember that your objective is to make an instructional video.

Add subtitles

Whether your video is in English or some other language, you should always add subtitles. This helps people follow along with what is being said, and pay more attention to the instructions. Also, people who are not native speakers of the language your video is in will also find the subtitles helpful. There are plenty of free software that allows you to add subtitles to each section of your video for the benefit of your viewing audience. The subtitles should be exported in “.srt” format.

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