How to find the best broadband deals if you work at home

It’s easy to stay with the same provider, but having the best broadband can be critical if you work from home. You might be running an online store and depend on a good connection to receive orders and communicate with your customers, or you could be a freelance designer looking for great upload and download speeds for sending design work to clients. You might be looking to move to superfast broadband, or you might have problems with broadband and be looking for a solution. Whatever your reason, it is worth shopping around. With a little effort you can save money and at the same time improve the service you receive.

First of all, why not check your upload and download speed with your current provider. This gives you a basis for comparison – just remember that the advertised speed from a new provider may not be actually what you receive.  There are also some things you can do to improve the speed with your current provider, such as updating your router – it’s worth checking out this article to see how this might help.

I’ve stuck with the same provider for many years, mainly because it works well for me. I use Idnet, a lesser known provider. I have had very few issues and have remained immune to calls from the big companies trying to persuade me to wrap up my TV, telephone and braodband providers all in one. So that’s my second tip: don’t give in to the big sell, however persistent their telesales department is. Instead, look for broadband only deals, and focus on the key issue: the best broadband for working from home

My third tip is to look at what’s available in your area. It’s all very well using comparison sites, but you need to know how any broadband service will work for you in your home. This is a useful site which allows you to check the download speed and availability in your postcode area. This gives you results which are far more useful and relevant. You can filter by broadband only, and pick whether you want standard or fibre, and select the average speed you need.

Finally, remember that fibre-optic broadband is not your only option, and if you are confused by 4G and 5G, or simple want some alternatives, we’ve written about your alternatives to fibre-optic broadband here. Some of the options in that article can work well either as a main provider, or as something that can be a back up if your business is internet reliant.

SO, next time you’re frustrated by your download speed, or your broadband drops out and you’re worried about losing sales or clients, remember that the power is in your hands and you can improve your broadband by shopping around.





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