Parents in business: Alexandra and Scott of Wickfree Candles

Your name and age: Alexandra & Scott Watson (45 and 35 years old) However we go by Alexandra & Scott Wickfree … it’s a Facebook joke that stuck.

Tell us about your family: We’re stay at home parents of Theia, our very active six year old daughter! We currently live in Southern Spain.

What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition? 

Before we started a Scentsy business we had worked in the public sector in the UK. Alexandra was a local government press manager and Scott was an Carer for Adults With Learning Issues and a semi pro-rugby player.

Alexandra had wanted to leave the rat race and be her own boss since 2000, but never felt she had the right business idea (or the confidence!).  So when Scott got a rugby contract in Ireland she saw her chance to step up and be brave! 

We left the rat race in 2007, and while Scott played rugby, Alexandra set up a fair trade business.  The business had huge potential but it went under in 2010 due to a brutal recession in Ireland.   

Alexandra was hugely upset at failing in business, and around the same time we suffered a close family loss which triggered deep depression and anxiety.  Debt was mounting and things were very bleak. We were at risk of both bankruptcy and losing our UK home.   

The chance to start a new business came totally by accident, in the direct sales sector.  Scentsy was launching in Europe and we both knew the power of direct sales from friends we’d met through Rugby. 

Scentsy sell a clever, flameless candle system that really works…the fragrances are incredible.  This was the product Alexandra wished she’d invented! 

At the beginning Alexandra was the driving force to join and set up this new business, as Scott supported her.  Scott had left rugby by this point and was starting his own event company, so his time was spent mainly on this new venture.

How did you get started?

Alexandra admits that she didn’t have a clue, she just kept her new business secret until launch day!

 Despite having 6 weeks to pre plan the launch we did nothing due to fear that our idea would be stolen and we’d lose out on this amazing chance.  So we started Scentsy from behind the eight ball as other new consultants built quickly!

To play catch up and get sales, Scott gave Alexandra stands at his events for free to tell everyone about ‘The Clever Candle’.  Between us we must have repeated the same phrase about it being a’ safe candle that fragranced your home without soot, toxins or fire risk’ a million times (ok maybe not!) over those early years.

Together we gave great customer service, worked hard to support new sellers in our team and led by example, and within six months we were the top leaders in Ireland and the UK as Scentsy Directors. 

What’s your favourite thing about running your own business? 

For Alexandra its unpacking those deliveries and playing with all the yummy fragrances – every delivery is like Christmas Day! 

Scott loves the fun we have with our team, it’s a community that’s been built around our values and they are genuinely great people.  Also he loves the flexibility it gives him – we can work anywhere in the world, and have.  And if he wants to drop work to take Theia to dance or piano lessons he can.  He is a full time dad first and always! 

We also love helping other people get started with their home business, and watching their confidence grow as they succeed!

What’s the thing you least enjoy about running your own business?  

Probably the accounts and paperwork – so we have a great accountant to keep us straight.  However every year is a battle for with accounting software and filing a year’s worth of receipts in order – We’re sure many of you can relate!

What has worked well about your business?

When we ran our own businesses we had to do everything – create advertising, find products, build websites, deal with customs/shipping and even set up the event halls.

With Scentsy we just sell and mentor a team, they do all the heavy lifting!

They create and source the products, deal with the shipping and customs, create the ads and so much more.  We get to do the FUN things and be backed by this incredible brand and company.

What’s been your biggest business mistake? 

Keeping quiet about our new business before it was launched.  We kept it under our hats from fear and a scarcity mentality. 

We started day one and had people overtake us with teams in place, sales and orders out the door and parties booked in for months in advance. 

We got our kit five days after joining and stared at it.  We didn’t plan, we didn’t do anything except hide the idea.  So we were starting from way behind and we didn’t need to have!

How did you deal with it? 

Plenty of self-development on scarcity mentality to learn why it was so ridiculous to let fear and scarcity rule our business.

Since then, at every new Scentsy country launch (starting with Ireland in Oct 2011) we’ve told the world about the products and invited them to learn more about the business.  This resulted in us being the largest team builders on launch day in Ireland, Spain, Australia, New Zealand & the Netherlands.

What makes the real difference is that we’ve taught our team our methods and they replicated our work too.  That’s the key in direct sales leadership – to get your team duplicating you.

How do you fit in work with the family? 

We rise at 5am to meditate and self-develop for an hour.  Then we work for about 1.5 hours before Theia wakes. 

Scott goes to the gym and Alexandra gets Theia up.  He does school run and its back to work until afternoon.  If we have a large project on we can work till 4.30 however we often take time out to walk, lunch and chill. 

Come 5pm its pick up time and chauffeuring Theia to tonnes of extracurricular activities to attend (flamenco is her favourite!) and cheer her on (and Alexandra talks Scentsy). 

Theia comes first at all times when she is with us.  Holidays are more of a struggle but we just knock our work hours down instead of potentially getting stressed working around Theia.  She loves our home business and the travels it takes her on.   But she is first to demand the ‘electronics go off’ so we can have a family movie or do crafting.

Are you working towards a financial goal for your business? 

Yes, we are aiming to make six figures per month within the next 2 years.

Would you ever give up your business to do something else?

No, this is a legacy business so your family inherits it, as the Scentsy owners children will take over their business. 

If we want to do other income generating activities or take time out in the future we hope Theia will be running the business.  After all, she has been living it and learning it from conception!

Do you have an exit strategy?

We don’t plan to exit,  however we got wise advice from millionaire business friends to have three income streams. So we are working on our property portfolio and Alexandra hopes to return into Fair Trade at some point.  One of the joys of making income from Scentsy is the good you can do for others.  So Alexandra would love to invest in some fair trade start-ups.

Have you had your ‘I’ve made it’ moment?  Tell us about it.  If not when do you think it will come? 

For Scott it was walking on the beach in Hawaii in 2019. We spent a week on Oahu in 2018 as guest of our Scentsy upline and fell in love with the place. 

He came away wanting to spend summer there so we set the goal and earned enough to spend 2 months living on the beach in Oahu.  We got married there on 17 July 2019! 

For Alexandra it was the incredible shock of them being announced as the first European global finalists for the Scentsy Shining Star Award.  This is Scentsy highest accolade; voted for by their peers & fellow consultants and chosen by Scentsy Board, it recognises those who give the greatest service to other. 

The announcement took place in front of 8000 consultants in Anaheim, California using a magican.  For Alexandra it was the moment she felt truly accepted for running her business in her own style, no more office politics needed .  The only sad moment was that Scott could join Alexandra on stage as he was at the hotel bathing Theia!

Where do you hope to be in five years time? 

We want to be helping more people than ever to find the fun, freedom and flexibility in life we have by working. 

As for us personally – we want to be still living the dream life and have travelled to India, Japan, South America and some more of the places on our dream board.

If you have a flexible working business opportunity, please explain briefly what you offer and how people find out more.

Life’s complicated enough so at Scentsy we making starting your work from home business quick, simply to learn and stress free – we don’t even have monthly sales targets!  Just fun, friendship and financial freedom.

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