Five Tips for Direct Selling Success

Direct selling is a fun, flexible and low-cost way for would-be entrepreneurs and stay at home parents to get into business. Whether you want to leave the 9-5 behind forever, or just aim to make an extra few hundred pounds per month, it’s a great option for you.

However, there are certain actions every direct seller must take in order to become a success!

Alexandra and Scott Wickfree, Top UK Direct Sales leaders, are excited to share their top five tips for achieving direct sales success.  The Wickfrees believe that there are only a few core principles that need to be actioned in order to achieve amazing success in the industry.

So if you’re new to direct sales (and wondering why you can’t make a go of it) or you’re a seasoned direct seller who wants to take it to the next level, these top five tips for direct sales success are a must for everyone!

(Please do feel free to share your ‘a-ha!’ moments after reading this in the comments below!)

Tip One (from Alexandra) – sell what you love…for a company you like!

‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’. This has been my mantra since leaving the ‘real’ working world back in 2007 to become an entrepreneur. 

I’ve learnt that you have to be passionate about what you do to generate the energy, drive and grit required to find success.  Being in business isn’t going to be easy, and you need to be truly passionate about what you’re doing to be able to get over some of the roadblocks you’ll encounter. 

That’s why it’s critical that every direct seller makes sure they are passionate about the products they’re selling and the company they’re joining and representing.

Direct sales is all about selling (or as I prefer to say sharing) a product or service.  And it’s far easier to be an amazing advocate for your company’s products or business opportunity if you actually love what you’re sharing!

The key to our early success was that I loved what we sold.  I told everyone I met about the ‘clever, flameless and safe candles that smell so amazing!’.  This was the product I wish I’d invented – I fell in love with Scentsy warmers and waxes at first smell and sight.  That love affair has endured for nine years! 

I believe the other key to our success was that we really did our homework on the company before we joined.  Liking Scentsy meant we found it easy to recommend the company to others, and quickly started to build a team.  

Make sure you LOVE what your company stands for, its ethics and its community. Look at the pay plan, promotion structure, earning potential and do your due diligence.  

Better to research and find the perfect place for you than to rush in and then hop from company to company!

Once you are selling a product or service you love for a company you like the route to direct sales success will open up before you.

Tip Two (from Scott) – make a long-term commitment to your business.

For some reason when people start a direct sales company many of them just assume the normal laws of success fly out of the window. 

They buy a sales kit, attend a few trainings, get their family and friends involved and think the huge bonuses will start to roll in in month one.   

Direct sales, or any other business for that matter, doesn’t work this way (and if it does, it’s a pyramid scheme!).  All new enterprises take time to be successful, there’s no such thing as overnight success!

I know from experience that finding success as an entrepreneur or direct seller requires patience, resilience and consistency of effort.  But most of all it requires the entrepreneur to make a commitment.

You have to be willing to work hard for five years to gain the lifestyle you might get working 40 years for in the 9-5 world.  Direct sales can allow you to gain success faster, but miracles don’t come without committing to put in serious effort and groundwork first. 

I can guarantee that if you do the right simple income generating activities daily for three to five years results will come. 

Too many people come into direct sales thinking they can get rich quickly, and when this doesn’t happen in the first few months, they start company hopping.  How can you be taken seriously as a mentor if you can’t demonstrate commitment to your business? Especially when you tell new team members that they require commitment to find success!

It comes down to making an easy choice – commit to five years of hard work and make your business a success or work 40 years making someone else’s business a success. 

Really, it’s a no brainer…

Tip three (from Alexandra) – get into Self Development.

Direct sales is ‘a self-development plan with a paycheque’ as my husband tells our team.  I think we are the luckiest people ever (especially as we love to learn) because our industry rewards us economically the more we grow our skills and knowledge. 

Jim Rohn explained it best when he said, “If you want to earn more money, then become of greater value to the market place”. 

I can honestly say that the most inspiring, wealthy and successful direct sales leaders and entrepreneurs I know are all huge self-developers.  Better yet, they love talking about what they are learning, sharing it and encouraging others to enjoy it too!

I believe self-development is food for the body and soul, so to be effective you must take it in daily.  Enjoy it and be careful only to put in your head and heart the advice that truly feeds your ideas and boosts your positivity. 

We started out self-developing back in 2007 with Jim Rohn CDS in our car (or the mobile university as we called it!).  Now we are on to podcasts, and our daughter listens in – so that’s the next generation already growing their value!

These days we rise at 5am daily (we learnt this from reading Robin Sharma’s´5 AM club back in 2019) to meditate then listen to self-development on you tube, or podcasts.  And each day we also find 30 mins to read a good book to grow our finer skills.

Looking for a place to start your self-development?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a great book to begin with – it explains the benefits of positive thinking and gives incredible, easy steps to follow to find life changing success. 

If you want to have your own ‘mobile university’ try podcasts like Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.  Other people we love to learn from include Oprah Winfrey and her Super Soul Sundays and anything by the great Jim Rohn and Bob Proctor.

The sooner you start to self-develop the sooner you will see your positive mindset and pay cheque grow, and your direct sales business become a success.

Tip Four (from Scott) – find the perfect sponsor to start your business with…

When you’re looking to start in direct sales it’s important to do your due diligence on many things (as Alexandra said – she is the geeky one!).   One area many people forget to explore properly is finding the right sponsor/mentor to join under. 

It’s something we paid no attention to when starting out in Scentsy.  I know from hindsight that choosing a poor mentor added (at least) an extra two years to our route to achieving Superstar Director, our company’s top rank.  However, we built a successful, global business despite that mistake, so don’t ever let having a poor mentor be an excuse to fail…it isn’t!

A good sponsor/ mentor is a coach, a guide and a cheerleader (they aren’t your high school teacher, parent or best mate).  You want to search for a mentor who’s passionate and positive about their company, still earning incentives and generating great income from super sales.  You are looking to find someone who continues to walk the talk! 

Don’t be fooled into selecting someone based solely on their income claims or title – or in our case because they asked you first to join them!  They might not be striving to succeed anymore or even working in the business.  Get someone with energy, passion and drive – someone who inspires you. Because quite simply, you deserve to have that start.

As I’ve said, your mentor isn’t responsible for your success.  However, it can really help you make the best start in a company to find a mentor who WANTS to help you grow and is willing to invest time in your development. 

And a little side tip; once you pick an awesome mentor be ready to be coached and learn from those who know.  

If you have done direct sales before leave any previous mistakes or trainings at the door – just bring any useful transferable skills. No mentor wants to hear you road blocking their training with ‘in my last company we did…’.  Be open to new ideas, be willing to fail and allow your mentor to be your coach for direct sales success.   

Tip five (from Alexandra & Scott) – you HAVE to be consistent

With anything in life to do it well, and perfect it, you have to do it consistently.  It’s the old ´practice makes perfect´ saying.  Gaining success in direct sales is no different. 

Unfortunately, the direct sales industry has a high percentage of first-time entrepreneurs who don’t realise consistency breeds success.  They don’t understand that when you have the keys to your own business you have to open it daily, not just when you feel like it.

Flexibility is a huge lifestyle benefit of being a direct seller, it’s about working when you want.  However, it means working part time if that’s what you choose, but not just sometimes. 

Imagine turning up at your favourite coffee shop at 9am Monday morning to find it closed – what do you do? You go and find coffee somewhere else.  This might be a one off if your coffee shop goes back to regular opening times.  But if it’s always closing, you’ll just go find a coffee house that will be open to suit you. 

It’s the same in Direct Sales…you have to show up! You have to be open for business, ready to take orders and be there for customers.  If you aren’t hungry there are plenty more people ready and waiting to get the sales.

If you don’t have a great deal of time to work your business (if it’s a side hustle for example) then just do one power hour per day.  This means you work hard on only income generating for one hour, broken down in to 15-minute slots. 

You do customer follow ups, team check-ins, new customer orders and find new business partners.  There is plenty of great training out there on perfecting the power hour.

So we hope you understand why the biggest single success tip we have is BE CONSISTENT.  Do the right things, do them well and do them often and before you know it you’ll be a direct sales superstar!

For two bonus tips to help you achieve direct sales success pop over to the Wickfree’s YOU TUBE channel and watch this video: Bonus Direct Sales Tips from the Wickfrees!

About Alexandra & Scott Wickfree

Alexandra & Scott have built an incredibly successful UK & global direct sales business (, partnering with Scentsy, world class fragrance company. 

They mentor over 3000 sales consultants in 11 countries and count many of the company’s top leaders within their downline. In 2018 they were finalists for Scentsy´s high award, The Alice Kalililmoku Shining Star for their dedication to helping others.  Wickfree isn’t their surname, it’s a nickname from industry friends that stuck!

As individuals they’re total opposites in personality, thinking, likes and opinions.  However, they have found this has helped them create a wonderful working and life partnership. They are passionate advocates for the direct sales business model, believing if you become successful in this industry you have found the ultimate life hack.  They enjoy living a life of financial freedom in southern Spain and being full time parents to their active six-year old, Theia Wickfree.

If you want to learn more about starting a home business selling child safe, flameless candles & gifts with the Wickfrees’ support then please learn more here.

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